2550 Grp LF Tank / Healer (HORDE)

Hello - Mage/rogue/Spriest all vary from 10-13k overall consistent LF Tank to run keys with (could be open to healer but have a few on friends list from time to time) -

Open to ANY tank - more about any skilled player looking to push and willing to run multiple keys - willing to learn and wont tilt over 1 little mistake (we already got someone who will do that for us Kekw)

Krynnz#9394 add on discord as my bnet friends list is full atm :slight_smile:

We all have a few 23’s timed and looking for a tank with similar or close to same exp

Run mostly at night (between 6pm-12pm pacific) but schedules vary and mostly on most the time.

Krynnz-Kil’jaeden if you want to look me up