249 Mage LF Mythic guild

Hello all,

I haven’t raided super seriously this expansion. I got Jaina, Azshara and N’zoth CE’s as a tank in BfA. And 4100 io on my Hpally (Highest key untimed was 26). I’ve played my mage on and off a lot of my WoW experience. It was my main character for ToS and Antorus in Legion.

I’ve been bounced around between dps, tank and healer for about 2 years by various guilds. I’d really like to just settle down on my Mage and just pew pew.

I’m currently doing M+ as frost primarily, and would prefer to raid as Fire.

I learn fights pretty quickly and am very consistent with mechanics.
I’m very interested in M+ and pushing further. I’ve gotten 2340 io on my mage from pure pugs.

Prefer 2 or 3 day guilds, and EST times.
If you want to ask me anything else you can add me in game as Zuthos#11522 or Discord: Zuthos#3916

Hi Zuthy,

We are currently 5/10 mythic and working on painsmith. We are looking to bolster our roster for painsmith and 9.2. Hit me up on battle.net: slegEr#1552 or Discord slegEr#2069.
We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11 pm eastern time.

Thank you