249 4/10M Prot Warrior LF Raid

Ran into another situation where burn out is consuming the guild and we keep losing our progression team. Looking for a place to tank because our current guild has decided to stop for the time being.



Hey Kaibuddy, I’m Jolly the recruitment officer for Elysium [A] Stormrage-US.

I can promise you’d be able to main tank alongside our current GM if you’re willing to consider a transfer or rerolling if you have the free time or money to do so easily.

We are a 2 day weekend AOTC raiding guild looking who is looking to build up our roster to 20 for the real possibility of consistent Mythic Progression. We’re 10/10 heroic 1/10 Mythic currently, and do weekly M+ with most of our community being Key Stone Masters if you’re wanting a reliable M+ community too. Raid nights are Friday-Saturday 7pm-10pm est. Let me know if you want to learn more or have a chat. My btag is: Jollywalrus#1140 (We’re willing to wait for anybody who wants to re-roll that’s unable to consider transferring) We’re just hoping to find others interested that like our raid times and want a new home! Thanks for your time!

Hello Kaibuddy would love to message you on discord if you are still looking for a guild! FJR#6867


We are currently 5/10M, working on Painsmith. Looking for a new tank atm.

In CN we were 8/10M, and in nyalotha, we were 11/12M. Hoping to get CE this tier.

If interested, reach out to me:
Bnet: Sunde#1384
Discord: Sunde#5261