248 [A] Guardian (potentially Resto) Looking to Help with Prog

Hey all, bit of an odd post here but my guild has recently paused raiding for the tier as we have received our AOTC and most have what they were looking to achieve. I am still looking to raid and want to meet some new people to play with as a good portion of my friends who i came here with went horde.

I still plan to stay with my current guild and play next tier with them but just seeing if anyone needs a tank or potentially healer (cleared last 2 AOTCs as tank so not has confident on heals) to help prog for the rest of the tier. I have all the gear I could want (except maybe the 9 2h, as my luck has been poor) so just looking to come in to have fun and help.

I am open to most raid nights as long as it is after 7EST (Maybe early on the weekends) and any difficulty level.

I do want to just make it clear that I plan to stay with my current guild and on Alliance, thanks for the interest

I will provide a link to my logs, BNET is Caduto#1825 and Discord is Caduto#6418