248 [A] Guardian (Potentially Resto) Looking to help people prog (Jinroku)

Hey Everyone bit of an odd post here, I used to play on Suramar from release up through Cata as Jinroku a warlock (or Roldy a paladin) I have been playing the game on and off since that time and have switched characters quite a bit. I doubt anyone really remembers me at this point but I am currently looking to help where I can on progression for people.

My guild recently achieved AOTC which is all they hoped for but I still intend to raid as I am enjoying it. I would like to use that time to help people out and meet new friends. I am currently a 248 Guardian Druid but can play either my Warlock or as Resto and would like to raid with a different group.

I plan on staying with my current guild and raiding with them next tier on T/TH but can raid any day after 7EST now or earlier on the weekend. I am willing to raid any content level even though I would be newer to mythic this tier. I will provide my warcraft logs, bnet and discord below if anyone wants to reach out to chat or just catch up if they remember me!

BNET: Caduto#1825
Discord: Caduto#6418
Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/emerald-dream/ohjeeze