226 9/10M Rsham LF guild

Current guild disbanded earlier today. I am looking for a Horde guild that is 9/10M or better. Raid times would have to be around 7-12EST if raiding during the week.

My current logs are under Klowdz - Illidan. If older logs are required I can provide them.

CE for six tiers as Rsham.

Bnet - Vanilladutch#1338
Discord - Klowdz#5906

Hi Klowdz! If you can’t find the prog you’re looking for and want a tight-knit community, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Quitting in a Month (8/10M) - 2 Day (+1 Flex)

  • Tuesday/Wednesday (flex day being Sunday) nights 7-10 CST

Current Recruitment Needs:
Tank- Exceptional Applicants
Melee- DeathKnight, Windwalker, Rogue
Range- Hunter, Elemental Shaman, Warlock
Healer- Mistweaver, Restoration Shaman

Any strong applicants will also be considered, do not hesitate to apply if your Spec/Class is not listed!

We’re pushing for Cutting Edge and we a interested in a player like yourself.

We’re made up of exceptional CE players from multiple tiers/expansions with many years of Progressions Raiding. We are looking to play a few times a week to clear the tier in a quick and efficient manner, while having a fun in the process. We expect effort, commitment, and friendly, same-minded attitudes from all our raiders.We constantly strive to achieve the highest rankings with the minimal time we have on our raid schedule. This keeps us competitive and maintains a healthy amount of time for real life activities.

Application Form

  • Zeek#1714, Iliketurtles#1146


  • @zeek#0713 or 0g_iliketurtlezz#7579


8/10 Mythic Tues/wed/fri 8-11 EST.

Alüe#9972 - Discord

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