226 6/10m Affl

6/10m 226 NF affliction lock with pulls on council. I have logs. I’m looking for a 2-3x week raid schedule, east coast times and horde. Previous CE and AOTC on multiple expansions. I need a new home!

Para Mortem on Thrall is looking for strong raiders and M+ players to join our raid team. 6/10M looking to push with your help.

We Raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-10:30 EST

Additional Alt/Heroic Clear Sunday 7:30-10:30 EST

We consider all applicants/class/roles so please feel free to apply.

Feel free to reach out to me here or,

Bnet: Theonecake#1277, Discord: theonecake#4449

Hey! We are 6/10 looking for ranged dps EST times. Hit me up on discord Infinight#7632

Hey man I would love to add a strong lock to the roster

Second Attempt is a 6/10M , semi-hardcore, CE minded raiding guild comprised of many former/returning top US 100 raiders located on the Tichondrius server

Currently looking for mechanically sound, punctual pumpers to join our team and assist in the hunt for CE for 9.1 and beyond. If you are looking for an active, relaxed environment with people who push high M+ keys, PVP and gear alts in our spare time this is the place for you!

Raid times:
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - 9pm PST

Contact for apps/questions:
Discord - Tahk#2844
Wong- Wong#9313
Feet- Feetpics#5541

Hi Ganj! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hmu if interested Levios#1714.

Tu/we 8-12 est
30-50 year old raiders
Stable and finishing up sludge

Hey there, 7/10m guild here with plans on downing sludgefist next week! If you’re still looking, hit me up on discord!

Inexorable Brutality 6/10M, Raid times wed/friday 8-11 server/central. Recruiting skilled and dedicated players to our roster, We split from our previous guild which we earned CE in during nyalotha and would love to have you along with us, Alliance(Emerald Dream).
Discord: Merker#0172 Btag:Merker#1974

Seraph of Mal’Ganis is recruiting for our raid 1 and 2 programs. We are 8/10M looking for CE minded raiders! 10PM - 1AM EST 2x per week.

Seraph has been active on our server for 10+ years going strong. We currently have 6 raid programs to choose from, so are very alt friendly! Very community oriented with an active discord and guild-wide events.

Apply on www.seraphguild.com
Feel free to contact me on discord at Franknstyn#1572

Hi there! We’re looking for 1 high-performing RDPS to fill out our roster, and would be happy to chat more with ya! Our raid times are Wed & Sun @ 9p-12a EST.

Obsessed with improvement. Inclusive. Community of friends. Good Vibes.

Hit me up!

BNet: ArcticWind#11502

Hey Gan!

Predictive Gaming [AoTc 8/10M CN] is a semi-hardcore mythic progression guild that is looking for new family members!

Although the guild is new, its members are not. Predictive Gaming’s founding members have been playing WoW together for over 10 years and have achieved Cutting Edge together in numerous past tiers. The goal of this close-knit community is to gather quality over quantity with its future raiders, and find members that fit in with the existing team.

We are a tight-nit, friendly community of players who enjoy all kinds of content, but we strive to maintain a competitive roster for our Mythic team. Our goal is to grow and experience content together, while raiding on a laid back schedule. Our ultimate goal is CE every tier and we are recruiting to make that a reality.

Current progression and raid times:
Tues & Fri: 9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. EST (Rarely extend)

We are currently recruiting a resto sham/ Disc priest, Lock/mage, warrior/hunter and maybe an off tank for mythic progression but any exceptional applicants will be considered!

We also have an alt friendly or Casual Team that does a Heroic clear on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST. If raiding isn’t your thing, we have an RBG team and M+ groups running weekly!

If interested please fill out the application linked below or for more information, feel free to contact our:

Recruitment Officer:
Btag: Veni2399#1206
Discord: Venividivici#7990

Raid Lead:
Btag: Wishkins#1359

Guild Lead:
Btag: Swagner#7414

Hey Ganj! We could use another DPS :slight_smile:

Optimal baddies is a rebuilt guild founded by long time gamers who enjoy playing the game with friends while also pushing content at a reasonable pace. A lot of the members of Optimal Baddies are players who have pushed content to the point of being deemed cutting edge and are now looking for a relaxed environment where we can put our feet up and kill bosses.

Server - Lightbringer
Faction - Alliance

Raid Times/Days: 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST Monday/Tuesday Mythic Prog,
8:00-10:00 Saturday Heroic/Normal clear
Current Progression: 2/10M 10/10H
Recruitment Contacts: Discord - Goldfish#7851, ninjaXpope#0788, megaFly06#6053, Uri#5963
Battle.net - Goldfish#1198, Ninjaspace#1577, Megafly#11904, Uri#11265

What will be required of players looking to progress with Optimal Baddies?

Research on both the fights and your class and keep up with all out of raid stuff to maintain relevancy.
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or Bigwigs
Exorsus Raid Tools (ERT)
Preferably AOTC Experience but will consider all applicants
A good Attitude
A great Sense of Humor
Constructive Criticism

And of course just like any organized group a solid attendance!

Take a look at this kids

Hey my guild is 9/10m and looking for a lock to finish this tier and for future tiers. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 8-1130est. We are on Zuljin. My bnet is tokara102#1782 or Torqan#9922 is my discord if you want to chat.

Hello - I’m from Mediocre at Best located on Tichondrius. 9/10M raiding 6 hours a week (Wednesday/Thursday). We have an IMMEDIATE opening for a warlock. Please add mat wt Zivantha#1607 and we can talk further. The link below will show you the rate we’ve killed each boss. Had a slow start to expansion but have been progressing very quickly.


Haunted by Murlocs (8/10M CN) is an active raiding and mythic plus guild based on Area52 Horde looking to recruit exceptional raiders for our two raiding teams to push for Cutting Edge in the Castle Nathria raid in Shadowlands.

Our two raid teams are AM & WE. Each raid team’s timings are listed below:

The AM team (8/10M) raids for 3 days a week for 3 hours a day on Wed/Thu/Fri 10:00AM-1:00PM EST.

The WE team (8/10M) raids for 2 days a week for 4 hours a day on Fri/Sat 9:30PM-1:30AM EST.

Hit us up, we’d love to talk!

Bnet Contacts: TheBubbly#1484
Discord Contacts: Lushes#6642
Guild Discord: discord.gg/nr6kKuw


I am from WDBM a 9/10M horde guild on Illidan and we are recruiting ranged dps.

Feel free to follow the instructions to apply on discord using this code if interested: h5yZVMx

The Golden Company is now recruiting! We are currently 8/10 Mythic in Castle Nathria. We are aiming for Cutting-Edge and located on Zul’jin, Horde-side. Our group was built with two goals in mind: The first is to build a community of people we enjoy raiding with. The second goal is to achieve CE.

Our primary goal is to have fun and create a friendly environment, this means avoiding toxicity and bad attitudes. This guild is also open and accepting to LGBTQ+ players. No racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism. We will not tolerate any discrimination on those or any other grounds.

----- Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 8pm - 11pm EST Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm EST

If you are interested in us, please add me, and we can discuss bringing you into a future raid!

Bittersteel (GM) - Discord (Bittersteel#4096) or Battlenet (Bittersteel#1826)

Hey man I’d love to have a chat about whether we would be a good fit for each other. We had multiple sub 5% wipes on sludge last week missing a couple of our main DPS so we expect to have him down tomorrow night and then its SLG prog. Would love to check logs and talk. I’ll also post our forum link below. Hit me up on Discord - Rolliepoley#8491