225 ilvl 6/10M Elemental/Resto shaman LF Raiding team!

Hello there,

Im looking to play elemental shaman or restoration for the right raid team. I’m personally looking for a guild that is established, has a history of steady progression, and effective leadership, and lastly but most importantly I would prefer for this guild to function as a home. What I mean by that is, having players interacting with each other where you dont feel like just another number.

About me: I am a competitive player that will min max to ensure that I do everything I can to achieve a kill and driven to maintain that competitive edge. I have a high attention to detail, and am an avid log diver. When I go to research a fight for my class, I will typically look through dozens of logs comparative to our kill times/efficiency to give my raid exactly what they need when they need it.

Next thing my credentials:

-Multi CE player in Uldir and BoD as a resto shaman
-I have raided top 50 in the past
-My logs show a history of performance
-My computer is newly furnished and up to date with steady dependable internet

Thanks for reading thus far, I appreciate your time and investment in me. I look forward to speaking to each and everyone of you in the coming days.

Contact Information
Shockitt#2994 -Discord

Hey Shock!

I’m sure you’re looking to stay horde but on the off chance you’re interested in changing factions, we might be a good fit.

Beach Justice
Server : Scilla, Andorhal, Eonar, Velen, Ursin, Zuluhed, Black Dragonflight, Gul’dan and Skullcrusher
Faction : Alliance

Recruiting for Mythic
Current Progression : CN: 10/10N; AoTC; 6/10M
Raid Schedule : Tuesday/Thursday 9:00p-12:00 EST
Monday (9:00p-12:00 EST) – Alt Run Heroic
Saturday/Sunday (9:00p-12:00 EST) –RBGS Team/Arenas
Mythic+ Guild Groups run throughout the week

Why the Beach?
First and foremost, we’re not just a guild, we’re family. We’re a current content progression raiding guild focused primarily on clearing content (while having fun) and furthering our progression. We consider ourselves serious/casual as we’re a guild of friends/raiders who have come to terms with the fact that we actually have lives outside the game but an addiction to slaying pixels.

What we’re looking for:
Needs: Dependable Heals, Enh Shaman, Warlock, considering all competent/mature players
Requirements: Voice Chat: Discord; Addons: DBM, Angry Assignments

If interested contact: Syngent#1846 or Footos#1997

Evening Shockitt. I have a room for an Elemental Shaman on our mythic roster. We’re 7/10M with Sludge at 8%, CE in Ny’alotha. Raid times are 8-11est T/Th and Sunday optional for sales.

As I don’t know your preferred raid hours, if our schedule works for you feel free to apply at the link below and we can go from there :slight_smile:


I post this every time but here we are yet again, you no raid team me missing a ele shaman.

Predictive Gaming [AoTc 7/10M CN] is a semi-hardcore mythic progression guild that is looking for new family members!

Although the guild is new, its members are not. Predictive Gaming’s founding members have been playing WoW together for over 10 years and have achieved Cutting Edge together in numerous past tiers. The goal of this close-knit community is to gather quality over quantity with its future raiders, and find members that fit in with the existing team.

We are a tight-nit, friendly community of players who enjoy all kinds of content, but we strive to maintain a competitive roster for our Mythic team. Our goal is to grow and experience content together, while raiding on a laid back schedule. Our ultimate goal is CE every tier and we are recruiting to make that a reality.

Current progression and raid times:
Tues & Fri: 9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. EST (Rarely extend)

We are currently recruiting a Rogue, resto sham/ Disc priest, Lock, warrior and off tanks for mythic progression but any exceptional applicants will be considered!

We also have an alt friendly or Casual Team that does a Heroic clear on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST. If raiding isn’t your thing, we have an RBG team and M+ groups running weekly!

If interested please fill out the application linked below or for more information, feel free to contact our:

Recruitment Officer:
Btag: Veni2399#1206
Discord: Venividivici#7990

Raid Lead:
Btag: Wishkins#1359

Guild Lead:
Btag: Swagner#7414

hey there, sorry. I have been getting destroyed with discord requests etc. I would not be able to make Fridays :frowning:

Hi Shockitt! If you can’t find the prog you’re looking for and want a tight-knit community, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hey Shocktt, we are looking to add another healer to our roster, and always looking for healers that can multi-spec for fights that require fewer for better compositions. We are currently 7/10M, and our community has been around for 15 years, not just in WOW, but in many other games. Like you said, its about being a home and not just a number. Currently ontop of our in WOW progression, we have a number of folks playing Valheim on a private guild server, some playing ARK, and some looking forward to the new Path of Exile.

Our progression in WOW Remains the glue that binds us, but our community really allows us to play with one another outside of Azeroth.

Check us out, and if you are interested, let’s have a chat.

added on discord

Hey Shockitt! E would like to talk to you. We are a 6/10, son to be 7/10, Horde good on Mal’Ganis ask work on CE after server/faction transferring in February, We are looking at adding a few missing pieces to our raid team. Please see our recruitment info before and get in touch with Kaigis or me. Thank you!

Awakening was founded 16 years ago a few months into wows release. Until recently we played on Dragonblight Alliance under the guild names Tabula rasa/Awakening. We xfered from Alliance to Horde for better recruitment since progression stagnated after M Huntsman back in December.

The guild achieved CE in Ny’alotha. Our goal is to achieve CE in every tier. We are looking for raiders to fill core spots in our guild here on Mal’Ganis. We are currently 6/10M, very close on CoB which should go down next reset, and will be starting on Sludgefist early next week.

First and foremost, we want dedicated people looking for a long term guild home. This is an easy going environment where we want to have fun while killing bosses and progressing through mythic. We are interested in committed people with good attitudes in order to continue making this an enjoyable and productive atmosphere. We expect you to have a good knowledge of your class and of the raid bosses before we go into an encounter, show up on time, and be consistent. Survivability and mechanics are paramount, DPS is secondary. While raiding is our primary focus, we welcome social members looking to become part of a like minded community.

Raid schedule: Tuesday through Thursday 8P-10:30P CST (Server Time)

Our primary recruitment focus and needs are:

Healer (any class though DPriest is preferred)

Tank Off-spec is highly desired but not required.

Exceptional players are always considered so we encourage you to apply if you feel that we are a good fit for you!

If you have any additional questions please contact one of the following officers:

Btag: Kaigis#1628
Discord: Kaigis#6050 on Discord

Recruitment Officer:
Btag: SpoiledRoten#1538
Discord: SpoiledRotten#5734

Hey dude,

Your discord didnt work for me but would love to chat so add me up


We are recruiting all roles and classes for Shadowlands

Our Current High Needs Are

Tanks - Low
Healers - Disc Priest
Mele - Death Knight, Monk, Warrior
Ranged- Boomkin, Mage, Hunter, Warlock

All required needs listed here :


WoW Guild mYtHiC rAiDeRs @ Stormrage :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft…

Who We Are
We are old friends of the game who have majorily raided in US 50th or higher guilds with the core leaders going as high as Top 10 US. We are looking to form a community of competitive players that are able to clear current content along with being a close knit group who enjoy playing games outside of WoW after progression.


We are looking for players with strong raiding backgrounds along with the drive to be the best players on the server. We need you to be on your A-game so that we can achieve CE on our 2 night a week schedule.

We do not recruit bench players

We do not do any splits and therefore do not require any alts

We raid 2 nights a week. Sun-Mon 8pm - 12am EST

If you are interested in a competitive raid environment but also a place to call home please fill out the application linked below.
If you have any questions, please contact us vis Discord AFTER filling out the application.

Google Docs

mYtHiC rAiDeRs Application Form

If you do not hear back from us please understand we are busy and can’t get in contact with everyone.

Mancheese#5991 (Recruitment Officer)


Updated 4/14/2021

Hey there Shockitt!

I am one of the officers with Esoteric, we are an 8/10M guild on Illidan. We raid Tuesday through Thursday from 9-12 CST.

The guild itself was formed in WoD and was top 300 US in WoD and Legion before taking a break during BFA. Most of the core has played together for 6+ years. We pride ourselves on being progression focused while maintaining a relaxed non-toxic raid atmosphere.

I’d love to chat more, I’ve added you on Bnet and discord, I look forward to connecting with you.

Battlenet: Silenthawk#1690
Discord: silentstalk#7319