225 DH Tank and 225 Fire Mage duo LF Guild

Hello everybody,

We are a duo that are looking for core raid spots.

We are a Vengeance Demon hunter - 225 ilvl, 6/10M - top 150 US Kills in Cata and MoP


Fire Mage - 225 ilvl, 6/10M.

We are looking for a 2-3 day mythic guild that is legitimately pushing for cutting edge. we both have valid logs and can send them upon requests.

The reason we are looking for a guild now is for the purpose that the guild we joined unfortunately has lost members and has taken a much more “casual” approach to our mythic progression.

Server is not an issue but we prefer to go horde.

We can raid any day other than Friday and Sunday from 7PM - 12:00AM EST.

Please feel free to leave your guild information below or add me on battle net at Defusionz#1271

Thank you in advance and we look forward to speaking with everybody!

Good evening. This is the fire mage that likes to pew pew xD

Hey guys!

Predictive Gaming [AoTc 7/10M CN] is a semi-hardcore mythic progression guild that is looking for new family members!

Although the guild is new, its members are not. Predictive Gaming’s founding members have been playing WoW together for over 10 years and have achieved Cutting Edge together in numerous past tiers. The goal of this close-knit community is to gather quality over quantity with its future raiders, and find members that fit in with the existing team.

We are a tight-nit, friendly community of players who enjoy all kinds of content, but we strive to maintain a competitive roster for our Mythic team. Our goal is to grow and experience content together, while raiding on a laid back schedule. Our ultimate goal is CE every tier and we are recruiting to make that a reality.

Current progression and raid times:
Tues & Fri: 9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. EST (Rarely extend)

We are currently recruiting a Rogue, resto sham/ Disc priest, Lock, warrior and off tanks for mythic progression but any exceptional applicants will be considered!

We also have an alt friendly or Casual Team that does a Heroic clear on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST. If raiding isn’t your thing, we have an RBG team and M+ groups running weekly!

If interested please fill out the application linked below or for more information, feel free to contact our:

Recruitment Officer:
Btag: Veni2399#1206
Discord: Venividivici#7990

Raid Lead:
Btag: Wishkins#1359

Guild Lead:
Btag: Swagner#7414

Would like to post a recommendation and slight correction here.
Current officer and raider of the guild these two are leaving. No hard feelings on parting ways, would just like to clear something up.

These two are good players, who generally show up for raid. They have strong opinions, leading to them parting ways after a difference of opinions on extending lock outs and some of our guild policies.

Our mindset and approach has been clear and not changed. Only these raiders expectations changed.

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Hi Tassilo! If you can’t find the prog you’re looking for and want a tight-knit community, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Your friend is a Venthyr Fire Mage yet you are leaving the guild because they are taking a casual approach to mythic prog? LOL


good statement quinccel im actually a frost mage but play fire if needed and for keys but still main frost spec :slight_smile:

I wanna say you’re Jaydee, and I get how these words could have offended you and to you Janril as well I didn’t leave because I thought y’all were “casual” I legit liked all of you guys, you were great to be around and talk to from that standpoint I loved it!! yall have a great group of people to talk and hangout with… where our goals didnt align was just that I personally wanted to go for CE and that had nothing to do with you guys as people I just wanted to push myself to try to do it and personally I didnt like the thought of having to go back and farm bosses I get your standpoint as to why yall done it… it’s just something I didn’t want to do anymore I tried to leave on good terms and I still want to because like I said yall are an amazing group of people I just want to push for CE. Best of luck to you guys in the future!!<3

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Not flaming you at all nikki, wish you guys the best. Just wanted to point out our overall goal for this tier has remained the same, and did not change.

Hello Tassilo
We have 3 raid teams in guild, very active.
6/10M, Raid Thur/Friday 8pm-11pm
6/10M Wed/Thur 8am-11am
3/10M Mondays 8am-11am
Reach out if this interests you

Without#1930: Battle net
Withoutt#8803 :Discord

Edward Sportsmen is a casual to semi-hardcore raiding guild consisting of chill players who like to progress through raids, kill ppl in PVP, and have a fun time doing it! Currently have a raid group that is 6/10 M Castle Nathria. We are looking for a tank for progression and any exceptional dps. We have spots open for you tomorrow for council if you would like to join!

We raid Saturday and Sunday 12-3pm PST (server time).

Msg: Zappÿ (alt 152)
Alternatively, add my discord Surbelicious#7929