223ilvl 8/10Mxp SPriest LF Raiding guild

Current guild has stopped raiding as of this week so I’m looking for a change.
My main interests are Semi-casual/semi-hardcore Raiding (Mythic progression>CE focus).
I’m not the kind to get antsy about getting CE so long as I’m progressing with like minded people.
Outside of raid I’m pretty much spamming M+, which I dont mind pugging, but I prefer to raid with a regular group.
On a personal level, I’m in my mid 40’s and work in the mornings, so looking for Raid times within the 5pm to 11pm central times range.
I’ve raided as shadow since BC, and I dont heal in raid.

Hit me up on btag Shadoweater7#1868 if you are interested, server xfer is possible but Alliiance guilds are preferred.