222 Warlock 6/10m 3xCE experience - LF Mythic Guild

Hello. I’m a 3xCE experienced warlock looking for a new guild as my current 6/10m guild is disbanding due to roster issues over the last few months (not me my attendance was near perfect)

Looking for 2day raiding guild, around 9-12est - tues/wed/thurs (pref tues/thurs)

Mythic Experience:
currently - 6/10m
Nyalotha - 11/12m
Uldir - 8/8m CE
ToS - 5/9m
NH - 6/10m
ToV - 2/3m
EN - 7/7m CE
HFC - 13/13m CE
SoO - 10/14m

I’ve also gotten aotc every tier within the first few weeks

btag: Ydg#1382

Hi Azorahai! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!