222 Holy Paladin looking for new home

I am a Holy Paladin looking for a competitive guild to call home. I am currently 2/10 M (our guild got defeated by the roster boss) I am willing to transfer to Alliance for the right guild.

I am looking for something after 8PM EST(8:30 would be ideal).
Please feel free to reach out to me on Bnet Maurius#1801 or Discord Maurio#1557.

Alpha is an Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage-US looking for dedicated members to fill out our raiding team to progress through Castle Nathria. We’re looking to recruit any exceptional players (especially Healers) for progression raiding.

If you are interested please contact me in game: Sylv#1803

Hi Maurio! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hey Maurio,

How about a fresh start as Alliance on Sargeras?

Ultimate is recruiting a Holy Paladin. We’re 4/10M and working on blasting through the rest of Castle Nathria.

Mythic Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST
Thursday: 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST

Questions? Join our discord server and message Guidinglight - https://discord.gg/9GKyJjq

Want to apply ? You can do it here - https://forms.gle/qtVKam3n64K96YjZ8


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60 Vulpera Monk12545


Hey there I’m an officer with Scapegoats (horde - area 52) and we are 10/10H 2/10M filling out our progression roster for mythic CN. We are looking for RDPS but we do have flexibility within the healing core to move a healer to RPDS in order to add new healers

Raid times are Tues/Thurs from 8:30 -11:30pm EST. We also have players that PvP, run M+ and play other games as a group. Msg me for more info

bnet - Counterbob#11400
discord - Counterbob#5716

Your discord didn’t work for me if you could add mine Haz #3047 I’ll try and add your bnet tonight when I get on

Hi Màurio. If you’re willing to switch to Alliance, then I think our guild could be a good fit for you!

Exodus is a CE Ny’alotha, 8/10M Castle Nathria raiding guild on Burning Legion - US. We strive to complete every boss of the current Mythic level content before the start of the next raid tier, on a two night, six hour a week, raid schedule. We welcome healthy competition in our roster, and our goal is to promote a balance between progression and fun, while maintaining momentum throughout the current tier.

Raid Times:

We operate on a two day Mythic raiding schedule, with an additional optional Heroic reclear night.

Monday: 7PM to 10PM CST (8PM to 11PM EST)

Wednesday: 7PM to 10PM CST (8PM to 11PM EST)


Balance Druid

Holy Paladin

Resto Shaman

Marksman Hunter

Shadow Priest

Affliction Warlock

Unlisted classes/specs and exceptional applicants are welcome to apply as well!

What we expect from you:

– Positive Attitude

– Flexibility between Specs, when needed

– Good attendance and communication if you’ll be missing

– Ability to maintain your character’s progression throughout the tier

What to expect from us:

– Mythic Progression that maintains momentum throughout the tier

– Experienced and competitive leadership

– Consumables and Repairs

– Assistance to improve your character inside and outside of raid

– Active Mythic+ and PvP groups.

– A raid team focused on completing raids, and having fun


Additional questions can be directed to Bergeist (MPC3RD#1400) or Superspike (Superspike#1332) on Battlenet and MPC3RD#2433 or Superspike#2055 on Discord.

[H] Tichondrius - Immortal Empire

Raid Times/Days: Tues/Wed 6:30pm - 10pm PST
Current Progression: 10/10H 2/10M
Recruitment Contacts: Discord: (Jon Snowalker#9171)
Application: guildsofwow.c o m/immortal-empire (Remove spaces in com)

Requirements: We have a strict attendance policy so you must be able to attend every raid outside of emergencies, Self-improvement is key in and out of raid, It’s progression so you have to be willing to wipe and learn with a cool, calm, and collected attitude, Must have plans to be with us and hit 9.1 strong.
We are always looking for new players who push themselves harder than our current raiders, so just because the team appears to be filled please don’t hesitate to apply. Spots are competitive.

We also have people pushing 10-20+ keys constantly so if you are into that as well we are the guild for you.

Allo Maurio,

might be a good fit for what youre looking for. We are a little different in terms of atmosphere, but if you would like to trial with us we habe a Normal CN alt night clear on Wednesdays and a Heroic clear of CN on Fridays

I also sent you a message on discord

I applied to the guild. Joining discord to chat :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello there Maurio, (Elevated) is an Alliance guild located on Darkspear and is currently recruiting to fill up our last few slots on our Mythic Roster. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6-9 PST and are 10/10H and 7/10M in Castle Nathria. We are looking for solid raiders that can not only commit to our raid times, but show up to raids having watched progression content videos and showing up to raids with full consumables. We currently need an unholy DK, boomy, ret pal, multi spec lock, and an off tank pref dh/monk, but if you are exceptionally good at your class and have logs you can send me we will consider you as well. If you would like to be considered as an additional member to our raid team please contact me via BattleNet or Discord.

Battle Net: Arcaneqt#1640

Discord: Arcaneqt#0836


Inhibit 6/10M with many phase 3 council pulls.

Raid Times: Tuesday / Thursday 9:30-1:00 Eastern.

We are actively recruiting

1 core healer - Resto shaman/HPal

1 Tank - DK, DH, Monk, Warrior

All competitive DPS.

We are Horde on Thrall Server.

Our focus for the next tier is CE and we will continue to build for the roster for CE.

Please fill out the attached document if interested.

Discord DM: Nick Martin#1564