218 Fury Warrior and 216 Resto Shaman looking for mythic guild

Hey! Would love to talk to you both about joining our guild. We could use the both of you for our mythic prog.

We raid wed/thurs/sat(optional) 9-12 EST
Horde - Bleeding Hollow
Very strong core of players - lots of experience and talent. Multiple Ksm’s, many keys away. As well as 2k+ rating pushing.

Add me on discord to talk more. Br33ze420#9584

Hey there Tharon! We are 7/10H fresh formed currently looking for more people to join the team! Check out Our Post

Good afternoon.

Good evening. Still looking!

Good morning. Still searching for a guild.

Good morning Tharon, my pst team might work for you. We are currently 2/10m with a focus on semi casual, as described in my link below. If that interests you I’d love to chat, take care :slight_smile:


[H][Thrall] Anxiety (2/10 M) LFM for core raid spots. Need a vengeance DH, resto shaman, hunters, and or a shadow priest with disc OS, BUT we are also accepting any exceptional applicants. We raid 10 PM - 12:30 AM EST on Wednesdays and Thursdays with alt runs on Sundays.

Discord: Blutide#9696
Btag: aediah#1355

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Thank you guys. I’ll reach out after work today. Keep leaving info!

He’s a good boy, be nice to him!

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We are in the market for a 2nd warrior and a resto shaman. Tue/Thur team, from 8 - 11 EST. 6/10M to P3 of Council. Located on A-Proudmoore. Feel free to give me a btag add if any of that jives with what you are looking for.

Hi Tharon! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Good evening.

Hey not sure if you guys are still looking but I’m interested. Innovation from zul’jin although east coast. 3/10M currently Tues/Wed 8:30-11:30 est.

Reach me on discord Raz#4836

Hey! Reaching out from Mango Bay on Illidan. We are currently 6/10M with phase 3 pulls on council. We raid Tuesday/Thursday from 9-12 EST, and are currently looking for a healer and another dps to fill out our core roster. A little about us below.

Would love to talk to you soon!

Who we are:

Mango Bay is a group of players enjoying Wow together since early legion. With the release of Shadowlands we have turned our sights on achieving cutting edge and are on track to do just that. Our long term goals are to achieve cutting edge in each subsequent tier as well. In terms of personalities we are quite laid back but we bring a seriousness to mythic raiding and prepare accordingly. We are currently on the hunt for likeminded individuals to join our team, those who can joke and have fun but be ready to focus when needed.

Current needs:

Resto shaman
Disc Priest
1-2 Exceptional DPS

Although this is mainly what we are searching for, we are open to any above average players in other specs.

Our current raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 9-12EST. At the beginning of the tier we also raid Wednesday at the same time for the first month.

If Mango Bay sounds like the right place for you, contact me below:

Bnet: Kareco#1723 Disc: Kareco#4773

Hi Tharon

< Soup or Guild > is a new Horde Guild on Area-52 recruiting for CE. We have just started mythic progression this week and are 2/10. We have a goal of pushing as far as we can, and hopefully obtaining CE.

Several of the guild leadership achieved CE in Legion and BFA.

We are currently 2/10 Mythic and have AOTC.

Looking for

Everyone! Except tanks!

Raid Times are Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est.

This guild was created recently by a group of active players with mythic and cutting edge experience who enjoy all types of content. We already have almost a full 20 player roster for mythic, and are just looking to fill in a few more spots!
Ranged dps, and Warriors are highly preferred. However any skilled players would still be considered, and are welcome to come trial with us.

Anyone else is welcome to join for regular pvp and m+ content that will be run with the guild as well.

Become part of something great and grow with us!

Liger#11271 on Bnet
Liger#5309 on Discord
oxreborn#1287 on Bnet
oxreborn#5533 on Discord

or respond here for more info

Good news my new CPU will be here tomorrow. Keep leaving info and I will reach out soon.

I’m the GM of a horde guild on Stormreaver called Ominous Latin Phrase. I’d like to chat with you when possible. We’re 4/10M and raid tues/thurs 7-10 CST (5-8 PST). Bnet is exiled#11276, add me if this sounds like something you might be interested in.

Hope to hear from you!


Hard Like Heroic-Mal’Ganis (4/10m) is looking for a boomkin, mage, spriest, dk, or warrior to join us for progression. We are a pretty chill/relaxed group with the end goal of clearing CE content.

Our ideal applicant is someone who knows how to play their class at a high level, has CE experience or good logs.

Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8:15 CST to 11:30 CST with invites going out 15 minutes before raid time.

Contact any of the following people in game :D…


Good evening. Still making a decision and will reach out tomorrow when my PC is back up and running.