217 MM Hunter LF Raiding guild

LF raiding guild that raids late night not on saturdays. If interested hmu here on on discord Wtftwoshens#2230

Hello, Nice to meet you Woshens. I am Kittler.

I am with (H) [Mourning Shadows]-US Thrall.

We are currently 7/10H fast approaching AOTC.

We are a Casual Guild currently looking for a few healers and dps to fill our rosters. We raid one night a week for 3 hours. That is Sunday from 9pm-12am Eastern Standard Time. (I know thats not everyones cup of tea!)

Majority of us are older (25+) and work evenings/nights. So we are not on much during the week. But active during the weekend.

If this sounds like a fit for you. Feel free to reach out to me on discord at Phae#9684 Or on Battle Net at Phae#11613.

< Revoke Sanity > -has been clearing content together for over 7 years (Started in Siege of Orgrimmar). Looking for people for our raid team; however, accepting all people to run keys or casually hang with us! We took a break at the end of last expansion so we are looking for new friends to play with!

Our raiding philosophy: Enjoy playing the game with cool people and kill bosses. We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore guild without the elitist attitudes that seems come with Mythic Raiding.

Our expectations are simple. Pull your weight, do what needs to be done to successfully raid mythic.

Looking to finish filling our team with some dedicated raiders to come progress with us and enjoy what Shadowlands has to offer.

Last Tier we progressed: 12/12 H & 8/12 M
Current Progression: 10/10H & 2/10M

Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday 10 PM - 1 AM EST.

You can contact me on Discord- Sharkbait#2856

Hi Wtftwoshens, I hope that you will consider Go Big Or Go Gnome over on Lightbringer.

About us: We are a group of core raiders from a time long-past. Once competing for server firsts in WotLK and MoP, we have returned once again to strut our stuff. We are no strangers to raiding, with experience dating back to Vanilla Naxxramas, but acknowledge the importance and value of real life.

Goals: We have every expectation of maintaining AOTC, with progression into Mythic (CE as a stretch goal, if it doesnt get us too sweaty)

Current Progress: 2/10 M CN

DPS - Death Knight, MM/BM Hunter, Demon Hunter, Warrior, Shadow Priest, Mage
If you are not listed above, please know that exceptional applicants from any class/role will be considered

Raid Times:
Tuesday - 8pm-11pm server (PST)
Wednesday - 8pm-11pm server (PST)

We are recruiting any experience level. As a semi-casual raiding guild, we believe that anyone can learn to raid well. That being said, we expect our raiders to come prepared so as to maximize our raid time while we grow as a team.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us!
Battle.net / Discord
Mini#1169 / Mini#3075
Xilverwing#1576 / Xilver#4248
Dkarsinist#1589 / Dkarsinist#4376

My friends and I created a guild on Illidan-Horde and we’re searching for more players to raid and do mythic+ with if that’s something that intrigues you. If you’re interested please feel free to reach out

DeathsCouncil is a a guild formed in Warlords of Draenor that is currently being rebuilt as a AOTC focused group of players. Our main focus is to build our roster with the notion to build towards clearing AOTC each tier. We will be a laid back guild looking for fun and active members to build its ranks for our future raid team. We have heroic experience as a group. If building something fresh sounds good to you or you’re just looking for somewhere to hang out please leave your contact information or you can reach out to us directly. Our contact information is below.

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm - 9:30pm (Eastern Time)

Currently Recruiting Priorities:
Currently recruiting for a 10 man raid team.Possibly 15 man

Tanks: Monk, DH, DK, Warrior (In order)

Healers: We currently have 2 heals, but extras are always appreciated. And in case we ever want to extend past a 10 man raid group we will need you! Always welcome for mythic+ runs

Ranged DPS: Mage, Boomkin, Lock, Ele Shaman

Melee DPS: Warrior, DK, DH

We are also accepting members who want to hang out and chill or ones who are interested in mythic+ dungeons.

Discord-Thorith#8456 / Bnet-DLAres#1711

Looking for a Hunter :slight_smile: Check us out.


Good afternoon. If you are interested at all in alliance GSG is recruiting ranged for a core position. We are 4/10M and raid wed/sun 6-930. If you would like to chat further please add me on disc. RaijinEnd#6451

Hi Wtf

< Soup or Guild > is a new Horde Guild on Area-52 recruiting for CE. We have just started mythic progression this week and are 2/10. We have a goal of pushing as far as we can, and hopefully obtaining CE.

Several of the guild leadership achieved CE in Legion and BFA.

We are currently 2/10 Mythic and have AOTC.

Looking for

Everyone! Except tanks!

Raid Times are Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est.

This guild was created recently by a group of active players with mythic and cutting edge experience who enjoy all types of content. We already have almost a full 20 player roster for mythic, and are just looking to fill in a few more spots!
Ranged dps, and Warriors are highly preferred. However any skilled players would still be considered, and are welcome to come trial with us.

Anyone else is welcome to join for regular pvp and m+ content that will be run with the guild as well.

Become part of something great and grow with us!

Liger#11271 on Bnet
Liger#5309 on Discord
oxreborn#1287 on Bnet
oxreborn#5533 on Discord

or respond here for more info

Hey All Shapes and Colors is a guild created by people who have been playing since BC. We are currently 9/10 heroic. Once we clear heroic we will begin attempting the early bosses within mythic. We are a very laid back group of people with a very active community, so if you are interested in pvp and mythic+ outside of raid time you will be able to find a group to play with.

We are currently looking for the following classes to fill out our team:

Balance Druid
MM Hunter
Unholy DK
Disc Priest
Resto Shaman
Shadow Priest
Raid Times:
We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45 - 11:45pm EST

-Have discord
-Have a good attitude

If you are interested please send a message to one of the following people:

Note: We will be trialing all people who are interested just to make sure that we all get along. We are not going to ask for logs, but we will bring you into mythic + and our heroic raids to get a feeling of how we work as a group. Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:

We still need a few more for a full raid roster. We raid 9-11 PM PST on W/Th on Proudmoore (Alliance).

Some team members already have 10/10H experience. Our goal is to have a casual progression roster that hits AOTC each expansion.

What you get from us:

A decent number of keys and some casual pvp.
A community of people who are commonly online from 9PM to 11:30PM PST.
Help from your team with mechanics, gear and talent.
Wed/Thurs 9-11PM PST raids, keeping your tuesdays and weekends clear for funsies, online OR offline!
A cauldron for every progression run.

What we want from you:

A promise not to chug white claw while progressing.
Reasonable adult conduct.
Helping your guildmates when convenient.

You can reach me at grimthane#3215 on discord, or VeryGrim#1543 on Battle.net.

Hey there, hoping we’re a fit for you!

< Unions Only >
Zul’Jin - Horde
Time: Wednesday 7-10 EST
Current progression: 10/10N, 6/10H

We’re looking for some DPS! We’re 6/10H Castle Nathria and run Mythic+. Raid is Wednesday 7-10 EST (one day). M+ throughout the week.

Very active and laid back group. We like to down bosses and have fun doing it.

Our goal is to eventually progress through Heroic but we won’t be bashing our heads into it. We will never step foot into Mythic Raid.

Add my btag: ishkurr#1649 if you’d like to chat some more

ARe you also willing to Faction change?

depending on you definition of late night, we might be a decent fit for you… check us out, we’re tues/thurs 8-11est… if that could work for you reach out~ if not, best of luck with your searches :slight_smile:


We start at 11 pm EST. If you’re open to alliance here is our spam to look at:

< Ouroboros > (12 years old)Proudmoore - Alliance

Current Progression: 4/10M , 10/10H, 10/10N Castle Nathria

Previous Progression:

Ny’alotha 12/12M, 12/12H, 12/12N Cutting Edge

Eternal Palace: 7/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N

Battle of Dazar’alor: 9/9M, 9/9H, 9/9N Cutting Edge

Uldir 8/8M, 8/8 H, 8/8 N Cutting Edge

Our Raid Schedule:Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:8pm-11pm PST, 9pm-12am MST, 10pm-1am CST, 11pm-2am EST

Contact information:

Please feel free to apply via the instructions on our discord: discord.gg/NfV8jwF

For more personal information, feel free to contact any of our officers or recruiters via Discord or in game.

Killimanjaro: Kilimanjaro1024 #9179
Lerich: Lerich/maps3y88#4653
Kinetik: Kinetk#1503

Officers:Narumata: Discord: Narumata#8139Nivels Discord: Nivels#5892

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you!

6/10M on Tichondrius, LF RANGED DPS to round out our roster, we have a strong preference for shadow priests and warlocks. That being said if you slap and have the logs to back it up we’ll consider any class including melee. We expect to spend a lot of the first tier fleshing out the right roster so we’re not going to turn away any strong raiders.

Schedule: Friday/Saturday 06:00PM - 09:00PM PST

Contact any of the below if you’re interested via BTag or Discord.

Contact / Officers
GM: Cav#1179 (BTag)
RL: Warlockanap#6423 (BTag), Napat#4253 (Discord)

Or feel free to hop on Tich and whisper anyone online