215 Ele Shaman, and 215 Fire\Frost Mage LF Horde Raiding

Greetings friends! US - Hyjal 10/10H 2/10M is a casually hardcore guild looking to add to our ranks! Currently we are pushing into Mythic with our goal of achieving Cutting Edge. We are slowly forming and developing our group to do things right. With that being said these are the roles/classes we are interested in:

Healers: High Priority is: All are welcome to apply.

Melee DPS: High Priority is: All are welcome to apply.

Ranged DPS: High Priority is: All are welcome to apply

Tanks: All are welcome to apply.

Raid times: 7pm - 10pm PST (server time) Tuesdays and Wednesdays

All classes and specs are more then welcome to apply this is just what we prefer to have. Contact information listed below.

Guild Master: Risemountain (Bnet: Chargercrazy#1195 | Discord: Chargercrazy#4152)

Officers: Jay (Bnet: Draekan#1749 | Discord: Jay#9815)

Recruitment Officer: Ganjou (Bnet: Kyouryoku#1937 | Discord: Kyouryoku#9535)

Hey Bohannen,

Arcane Fury on Thrall are looking for more ranged dps for our tue/thu team! We are 10/10 H and 2/10 M and looking to push towards CE. Raid times are 9pm eastern until 12, our raid environment is fun, we like to have a laugh during trash packs and then focus up hard when bosses have to die. We also have started selling normal carries if you’re interested in gold :slight_smile:

Good guild size, usually between 20 and 30 most nights and we love doing keys and are getting into RBGs as well.

If you’re interested give me a shout on bnet, yabigchoob#1206


Cinderworks: is actively recruiting at this time for Shadowlands! and our Mythic Roster

Current Needs:
mDPS: Unholy DK, Enh Sham
rDPS: Fire mage, MM hunter, Ele Sham, Aff lock
Healer: Resto Druid, Holy Paladin, Disc Priest

Active Rosters:

Cutting Edge Team 4/10 M
Raid days: Tue/Wed/ Friday.
Raid time: 5-8pm PST
Raid goal: Cutting Edge.
Attendance: No missed Days or late arrivals subject to removal from raid team.
Raider acceptance: Percentile markers hit in Heroic and Mythic Warcraft logs. 1 Main toon will be required for this raid team. Individuals seeking to earn CE should come into this team with the acknowledgement that the team is a competitive based team. Meaning that individuals performing poorly will be consistently replaced. This is intended to help the team progress.
Below are a few unique aspects about our Mythic Roster:

  1. Recruiting up to 25 Individual players, so we can tailor 20 toons (classes/specs) for each boss fight. Creating the best scenario Raid wise.
  2. A third of the raid team has prior CE experience, some were top performing US 50 players that raided consecutively in early expansions.
  3. Competitive environment individuals that are failing will be replaced. EMPHASIZE PATIENCE IS NEEDED 1-2 WEEK PROCESS AS IT TAKES TIME TO IDENTIFY THESE PEOPLE. Raid Leaders appreciate any assistance in this process.

AOTC Team 8/10 H
Raid days: WED/Thurs
Raid time: 4-7 PST
Raid goal: AOTC and some mythic progress.
Attendance: Excused Absents will be excepted more than 2 no show’s (see terminology at bot) will result in removal.
Raider acceptance: based upon performance and good attitude, new players will be automatically listed on trial and approved by the Raid Leader. Seeking individuals that can carry their own weight. This team is guaranteed to achieve AOTC.

Why Us?

EASY! Want to take a casual approach to raiding but still make progression? we are the guild for you! raiders are allocated to miss one raid day out of the month (unless specified in raid team roster) but we encourage you to participate in our community, events, contests and special events. With the #1 (self-proclaimed) community you will love our raiding environment!

Contests, tournaments and events are held with real life prizes on a monthly basis. Our community actively engages in other video games.

You may contact us via below discord link. (message Alue, Sanji)

alue#1328 – Alue

tcraig96#1446 – Sangi

Updated: 01/18/20

Maybe I can make a compelling Alliance offer for you two.

Death Jesters needs some DPS! We raid F/Sat 11p-2a EST
3/10M currently, with a massive community, one of the biggest gaming communities in WoW. We push M+ and do RBGs (for fun and for rating). Currently we also offer an optional Thursday raid night that we often flex into RBGs as well for more team time.

Add me on discord:
I would love to chat with you both =)

Hello Bohannen

We are a horde guild on AREA 52

we are 1/10 M 10/10H 10/10N
we are in need of RDPS which is perfect in this scenario,

Our raid times are 8-11EST Tues/Thurs Optional Monday (sale day)
we have tons of people who pvp and run keys all the time

Our biggest thing is as we are competitive individuals what we want is just plain effort, and we have a zero toxic approach

as for anything else please add Gilga2k#1922

We might be exactly what you are looking for my friend.

Insert a guild name here is currently recruiting healers or solid dps for our weekend late night raid group.

Raid times are Friday and Saturday from 10pm cst. - 2am cst.

We have a solid core of two great tanks and high dps melee and ranged, what we need are consistent heals that know their class and love to put up huge healing numbers or dps to do the same.

For more info or a guild invite for a tryout contact us at Revenant#11470 (battle.net) or RevenantEverest#2136 (discord)

Hey there! We are currently 2/10M 10/10H Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30 Central and sometimes an optional Sunday. WE are Recruiting everything and rebuilding . We have had some unfortunate circumstances that lead to us actively recruiting again. We are a group of laid back 420 friendly Adults who just want to have a good time while downing content at a reasonable pace, our goal is to hit CE but with our roster issues we may not hit t his tier unless we get some quality players who are ready to clear content. If you would be interested in Trialling with us please don’t hesitate to contact anyone from the guild or my self Faithléss-Mal’Ganis or on Discord @ Killering#2514