215 Boomkin LF AOTC/Mythic Raiding Guild


After taking a break back in December after my guild fell apart, I came back to the came in March and rerolled back to my original main, this druid. After some pugging, I’ve realized I wanted to get back into raiding with a guild.

My overall experience is 9/10 w/ a .3% wipe on Denathrius and I have logs from both my druid kills and my kills on Warlock.

What I’m Looking For

I want to eventually get back into Mythic raiding, but for now, I’m looking for a guild that can at least obtain AOTC with each tier. I am looking for a guild to finish CN with, but I’m really looking to push in 9.1

Weekends are a no-go for me when it comes to raiding, so I’m only looking for a guild that raids during the week and ends no later than 12 AM EST, although, I can make some exceptions.

Contact Info
Discord - Tmbryant91x#5689

Hey there,

It sounds like we might be a great fit for you. Our guild, keep it simple on Zul’jin raids Tuesday and Thursday 7-10 ET, runs keys throughout the week, and does some pvp on the side. We already have curve and we full clear heroic each week. Originally the raid team was small, but now that we have achieved the main goal for the tier, we are expanding to a 25-30 man team for next tier. The goal is to push into mythic in the coming weeks, but we are currently allowing everyone to try out new classes and run alts. To that end we have an optional normal raid on Sundays. If you’d like to check us out, you are welcome to come along with us on Tuesday, get curve, and see how you think you’d fit. You can shoot me a message on discord at Mewtron#1847

Hey Carethy,

Stardust has an immediate need for a boomkin! We’re a friendly bunch and look for raiders with goals that align with the guild’s. This helps maintain a positive atmosphere.

We fall in between the AOTC and CE buckets. We try to get through heroic content as soon as possible before working through as much of the mythic content as we can. Although we have had success in reaching CE in the past, we can’t guarantee it and therefore won’t over promise. This takes the pressure off, limits burn out, and makes the guild more sustainable. After all, we are not sprinters. We are distance runners. We need to balance our WoW passions with real life responsibilities such jobs, kids, school, etc.

We still kill H Denathrius.

Exceptions mean there’s a chance. We raid Wednesdays and Sundays 8:30p – 11:00p EST.

If you think that we might be a good fit for you, then please reach out to Shadizar (Battle Tag: Shadizar#1464 ; Discord: Shadizar#4380). Good luck in your guild search and hope to hear from you soon.


Hey! Debuff is currently recruiting a couple ranged dps. We’re an East Coast US Horde guild on Bleeding Hollow, currently 3/10M (we’re working on Darkvein right now), raiding twice/week (T/Th 8-11 pm EST). We’re adults with limited schedules, so we take the raiding seriously while still having fun.

If that’s interesting, lets talk. You can reach me either at Wrathblood#1742 (battlenet) or Wrath#3004 (discord). Hopefully we can talk. I tried your Discord address but I’m not sure if it worked.

Could be a fit but probably not hitting AOTC as a guild this xpac. Individually some have tho just the lull is destroying consistency.

Tylown#1117 if you’d like to chat more

Guild - Stormrage

Sick of logging in and waiting 2-3 hours in group finder to do something relevant? Well I am!
I personally like logging into WoW with the goal of doing certain content and doing it. That’s why I’ve made this community.

Looking for chill players of any content to come together and do that content. An enjoyable place to play your class(&spec)
(Current active hours 5-9 CST M-F | Daily Weekends)

Mythic Plus

  • Preferably if your goal is to do 15+ spam!
  • Will always be willing to help others in down time and looking for the same

Heroic Raiding (9.1) Tues > Wed: 7 - 10 CST
Lives are a thing and raids are a large time commitment, as a Mythic raider in Legion I understand.

  • Looking to create a fun environment to push ourselves (FOR THE PARSE!) and achieve AOTC.
  • Once progression is done we can farm just Tues OR/AND attempt Mythic when it’s cross server Wed
  • Will be looking for a raid lead!


  • RBG would be great as it’s smaller casual content that is competitive
  • Arena pushing individuals who hate sitting in a LFG for 1 game just to quit. Form a bond and push!
  • Never hurts to help others learn in and outs! Some people are 1 tip away from that next rank!

Other cause who knows! Some weird and world event type stuff happens when a bunch of people get together to have fun.

Log on, play, progress, no wait. All are welcome. Willing to guide and gear when free.

Take note this is new so growth over time!

Creeping Doom US-HORDE | MAL’GANIS | 10/10H 4/10 M

Who we are:

Creeping Doom is a community of veteran raiders who, due to family and work commitments, have embraced a casual raiding schedule. Many of our members come from Top 50 US guilds and although our schedule is now casual, we still take on the hardest challenges the game has to offer with a hardcore mindset. If you are a talented player who would prefer to raid once a week, consider joining us.

Guild Focus:

  • Achieve Cutting Edge while raiding 2 days a week.
  • Build a competitive Mythic+ (1k+ IO), PvP (multi-hero lead RBGs), and social community.
  • Facilitate optional Heroic raids for friends and alts.

Current Guild needs:

  • Mythic Raid: Exceptional Tank, MDPS, RDPS, or healer
  • Mythic+: All applicants that are focused on maintaining a mythic+ team.
  • Other: Any members that would like to join our community.
  • RBGs: Any applicants who want to push rating competitively.

Raid Schedule:

Mythic raid schedule: Note - We will be changing our raid schedule in 2 weeks.

  • Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 EST
  • Effective Apr 20, 2021: Tues/Thurs 20:30-23:30 EST

Contact Info: For applicants and/or any former members

  • Discord URL: Discord.gg/YdjxfWU
  • BNet: EZGoregutz#1890, Bigtree#11854, or Wufflegupp#1451

Hi Carethy! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hello Carethy!

[Evening Shift] is recruiting for our raid groups!

Current Schedule Below

Weekday Raids:

Team Frenzy: 10/10H, 6/10M Castle Nathria
(9:00pm - 12:00am EST Tues/Weds)

Off Night Raids:

Heroic CN Sunday 7:00pm - 10:00pm EST
Off Night Monday 9:00pm - 12:00pm EST


Thurs/Friday 11:00pm - 2:00am

Server: US-Thrall High Pop PVE

Faction: Horde

About Us: We’re a group of mostly previous CE raiders returning that have acquired multiple realm firsts back in ICC. At peak we had 8 25 man groups going at any given time. Everyone raids based on their performance. It prevents carries and slackers from dragging the progression down. No politics, no favorites, everyone understands how they can succeed. Our goal this tier is CE for all raid teams and pushing for realm first next tier.

Recruiting Needs:

Melee DPS - Closed

Ranged DPS - ALL

Heals - Closed

Minimum Reqs: 210 Ilvl, 10/10H

As always though looking for highly skilled players of any class feel free to drop an add at one of the following

Bnet: Destro#1898
Discord: Destro#9040



Tried to add you on discord, but it keeps giving me an error. Gorlock#7739

Hello Carethy, if you havent yet found a home our guild is running our usual clear of Heroic CN tonight at 9pm. If you would like to come along for a trial run you are more than welcome to try us out.

Hello Carethy,

OverDosed is on Bleeding Hollow we are 10/10H and looking for additional people to push into mythics. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 6-8pm EST. If you are interested you can contact me Bnet Tempress#11905

Winterhoof - Horde

2/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic

Raid Schedule
Tuesday 8:30pm est to 11:30pm est.
Wednesday 8:30pm est to 11:30pm est.
We are actively recruiting for core spots and not a bench!!!

Healer - All will be considered
DPS - Mage, SPriest, and any strong DPS
All specs and classes will be looked at and considered

GM - Norton
Raid/DPS Lead - Huntandprey
Heal Lead - Smallsu
Recruitment Officer - Norton
How to reach us.
Recruitment Officers
Bnet Norton#11254 Discord Norton#6319
Bnet huntandprey#1770 Discord huntandprey#2852

Hey Carethy!

If you’re still searching I’d love to chat with you!
Gave me an error trying to add your discord, so please feel free to reach out at Letholas#9581!