213.5 Resto/Ele shammy

Healed for entirety of current xpac with ele spec as back up and during m+ keys. Looking for a active competitive guild for next tier. Currently 9/10H only reason I haven’t got AOTC is I wanted to get it with my current guild. Server antonidas

Hello, I am GM of the guild The Deviants on Zuljin server horde side and have both weekday and weekend teams for our guild. We are recruiting in regards to strong DPS for our weekend raid team focused on mythic progression.

10/10 CN Heroic
1/10 CN Mythic


  • Saturday and Sunday both 6-9 central pm
  • Looking to recruit for Ranged DPS -Warlock, Mage, Boomkins and Hunters
  • Mythic raider Mentality
  • Heroic to Mythic Progression


  • Good Attendance barring Emergencies
  • Fully enchanted , with personal food and proper pots for your class and spec
  • A general understanding of raid bosses as we approach them
  • Improving yourself thru world questing, reps, keys, etc…
  • Good knowledge of your toon and spec, if need assistance this will be the player responsibility to seek this out.
  • Cauldrons will be provided

The goal is to succeed as a team and progress thru content via communication, structure and continued improvement in and out of raid enviroments without the elitist mentality or attitude. We want to supply opportunities for all raiders with our weekday and weekend team in regards to growth and progression.

Please contact me here, via B-tag Magic#1799 or in-game Boogeymanx .

Hi Bjays! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

looks like you could be a good fit with us feel free to add me Chewtabacca#11193; Discord - Pookiejones#1829 if you have any questions

Hey! Debuff is currently recruiting a couple ranged dps and a healer. We’re an East Coast US Horde guild , currently 3/10M (we’re working on Darkvein right now ourselves), raiding twice/week (T/Th 8-11 pm EST). We’re adults with limited schedules, so we take the raiding seriously while still having fun. We are on Bleeding Hollow, so that might be an issue.

If that’s interesting, lets talk. You can reach me either at Wrathblood#1742 (battlenet) or Wrath#3004 (discord). I’ll try to contact you tonight and see if there’s a fit.

I run a semi-casual weekend raiding guild on Illidan. We are AOTC and just getting into mythic, and we need a healer! Hit me up on discord if you want to chat YaBoiBangz#9359

Hey there :grin: as a fellow shaman, I’d love to chat with you! Gorlock#7739 on discord

If you’re open to server transfer, we could use an Ele Sham on our team. We are 9/10H and still actively working on Sire (p3) as well as recruiting to push into mythic. We are an adult only (21+ though average age range is 30’s-40’s) guild on Area 52 and we raid Tues/Thurs 10pm-1am EST. If you’d like to discuss things further, please add me at Rawrabear#1450.

Hi there. If you’d be interested in a primary Elemental spot on a competitive roster, please let me know:

Potency is a newly formed team looking to builds a semi-hardcore atmosphere and push into CE. We would love to bring on like-minded folks who want to avoid the 2-3 “carries” in their raids and have mutual respect for the other folks’ skillset and attitudes within their raid. If you fit that mold, we would love to hear from you!

Abous Us

was founded by 2 long-time raiders who wanted to avoid routine carries in semi-casual groups. The goal is to push for CE and to improve tier over tier. Both of us are multi-top 50 players historically and have been on this game since release in 2004. Leadership has been running guilds for upwards of a decade now.

Recruitment Needs

  • Ranged DPS


Raid Times

Tues/Thurs: 7:30-10:30 CST



Build a CE roster over the next raid tier and aim for a top 500 WW position in the long haul. This is a new guild. Be prepared to build a roster with us.

Contact Info (GM)

BNET: Ekye#11711
DISCORD: Ekyu#3966

Hello! I’m Galacius from Overtuned on Zul’jin and we’re looking to fill out our last 2 dps slots for our raid team! We are a Heroic AOTC guild looking to also push into some casual mythic.

We raid Thursday and Friday 7-10pm EST. PM me on discord Archmage Galacius#1482 if you have any questions or are interested!

Hyperbole on Tichondrius is filling out it’s roster to push Cutting Edge for 9.1. We raid on Saturday 5 - 9 PM PST and Sunday 5 - 8 PM PST. Hit me up on discord if you have any questions or are interested. Lucro#6215

Hello there! If you’re still looking, I would love to chat with you about your goals for raiding and what we might be able to do for you!

Mourning Shadows is a Horde guild on Thrall looking for raiders and members. We are AOTC focused and fairly laid back. Raids Sunday night 9-12 Est (6-9 pm Pacific) We are currently looking for all DPS and Healers. Accepting all classes. Currently 9/10H.

Our members range in experience from players starting this expansion, to long time mythic raiders, to everything in between; no matter the skill, gear, or experience level, we are welcoming and supportive of all players’ goals.

We are open to cross-server raid members if transfers are not a possibility.

Please note, this is a small guild, and we intend to stay small, so there aren’t always a ton of folks on. Peak activity is typically weekend afternoons and evenings. We are LBGTQ friendly. We are also accepting casual members, who want to be bench for raid, are there mostly for M+ or just to have folks to chat with on occasion.
For more information contact either:
Liryia/Bellany @BellanyZimz#0791 on discord or Bellany#1567 on Bnet or myself @Canta#2549 discord or Cantabile#11745 on Bnet . We hope to hear from you!

Hello Bjays, if you havent yet found a home our guild is running our usual clear of Heroic CN tonight at 9pm. If you would like to come along for a trial run you are more than welcome to try us out.

Hi there!

Disorientated on Stormrage is an alliance AOTC raiding guild. We’re 10/10H and looking to fill out our ranks with some more DPS for 9.1. Raids are Tues/Fri 8-11PM EST and there’s usually some m+ action happening the rest of the week. If you want to talk more hit up one of the officers on bnet or disc!

Hey there Bjays! Elysium is a two night raiding guild that is looking for competitive players like you. We are currently 2/10M and looking for a dps/healer and would love to talk with you. Add me on discord or bnet! Baratheon#1147 or Vswizzle#7279,

Hi there Bjays,
We are overDosed, Horde on Bleeding Hollow 10/10H
Raid Tues and Thurs 6-8pm EST
Pushing into mythics once we get enough folks.

Hey Bjays (… lol bjays…) looking to recruit for a few teams in our guild. Times, group information and contact information copy/pasted below. Looking for people that want to push content on tight schedule. Mainly looking for people to join my team (Team Safe Space).

Team Safe Space

Raid Times:
Sunday: 10p-2a (CST) (this would be 11-3a EST, or 8p-12a PST)

Team Wolf Pack

Raid Times:
Friday: 10p-1a (CST) (this would be 11-2a EST, or 8p-11p PST)
Saturday: 10p-1a (CST) (this would be 11-2a EST, or 8p-11p PST)

Team Bwonsamdi & the Boys

Raid Times:
Wednesday: 9p-12a (CST) (this would be 10-1a EST, or 7p-10p PST)
Thursday: 9p-12a (CST) (this would be 10-1a EST, or 7p-10p PST)

Need all
All Exceptional DPS will be considered

Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions:
You can add me as a friend via discord:
You can also add me to btag:

10/10h - 5/10m 1 night Artificer prog @18%

Raid: Weds/Thurs 7-9:30PM CST Mandatory for Mythic Raiders on the Mythic prog team.

Optional raid day: Tues 7-9:30PM CST (Mythic reclear/farm) May become mandatory at the start of new tier.

Off nights: Currently working on KSM in mythic+ for the guild. With recent valor changes, this is quite important.

We have several 2100+ arena players as well as a few gladiators.

We are looking for a few more talented players for our mythic progression team. Currently we are on Articifer. We are also very interested in Mythic+ players that just need a chill home to hangout in and meet people. Maybe you might step into Mythic raiding.

We have a solid core group of players that are fantastic! We strive for a positive guild environment and we will not tolerate anything less. We have a firm rule we stand by that the best 20 go during progression. This is not meant to be a negative thing, but we need players to understand this. Our main goal in this guild is for the guild itself to progress. You must have this same mindset and hopefully strive to be one of the best 20. With our relaxed raid schedule, it’s important that we are efficient with our time, show up promptly, and are ready for quick pulls. Researching fights, having 90% attendance, and performing your role exceptionally are requirements to be on the Mythic raid team. We have several players within the guild that are completely fine being on the bench as they cannot commit to raiding every single week and or raid day. We love having these types of players within the guild as this can be very helpful in absence of a raider. We highly welcome more of these players and we actively bring them in on mythic farm bosses and even progression bosses if needed.

Will consider any class and spec. We recruit the player not the class. Please have logs available upon request. We prefer a voice interview in discord for all that are interested.

Those should apply if any of the following describe you:

  1. You are interested in raiding with a serious, relaxed, and mannered Mythic progression team that takes raiding serious but wants to have fun while doing so.
  2. You want to be part of a small community within a guild doing daily activities of M+ / PvP and of course raiding. We still actively do heroic clears on off nights and all are welcome! We also bring in players that may not be on the current progression roster to our Mythic farm bosses.
  3. You are trying to get into mythic raiding and you want to be surrounded by good players that are currently progressing in Mythic to learn from and or work your way up to earn a spot yourself. You must be self motivated for this.
  4. You are currently a performing M+ player looking for others to push keys with and maybe you would like to get some mythic kills here and there.
  5. You can’t commit to raiding the same days every week, but you still want to down some of the content each tier. We value bench players and you will get play time!

If interested, Contact our recruiting officer Burninn or myself. Thankyou.

Recruitment officer
Discord: Jester27908#6385
Bnet: Carigit#1110