213 mm hunter LF guild that raids late or early morning

2/10m 10/10h

Raid Schedule: 2 Days – 6 Hours

Tuesday: 10pm-1am (EST)
Wednesday: 10pm-1am (EST)

Optional Monday: 10pm-1am (EST) Heroic Night

About Us:

We are a new guild for Shadowlands with a goal of achieving CE and top 500 US for the first tier of Shadowlands.

We are a group of longtime WoW players looking to raid at a high level on a limited (fixed) schedule. Our experience is ranges from Retail to Classic with some top 50 world kills.

We run a lot of keys with most raiders being over 1k IO and RBG/PVP as well.

Member Requirements:

• Mythic raiding experience

• Preparation – watch videos, understand fight mechanics, have consumables, be online 15 minutes before raid.

• Deep understanding of your class and spec and ability to review your logs to find opportunities for improvement.

• Willingness to ask for help to improve and/or take input from others to help you improve.

• 90% raid attendance


An application is available on our discord, 6qTcChAfTp, but not required. We’re happy to interview you or get to know you through a m+, some RBGs or even a heroic nathria run to get a sense of who you are and vice versa.

If you are interested in talking to us about how you could fit, please reach out to either of our recruitment officers. Having logs available to share will not hurt your case.

Regardless of whether we do end up raiding together we wish you luck in your search for a new home!


Tryg || Matthew#1470 (btag) ||TRYG#0854 (discord)
Blitz || Blitz#12128 (btag) ||Blitz#6105 (discord)

Hey Sonarie, Id be interested in speaking with you about possibly joining our community. Ill leave the guild spam below if the raid times work for you lets talk.

At Defy we are looking for more solid members as we finish AOTC and progress into Mythic content.

The leadership in Defy has previous experience raiding in a top US guild and knows what it takes to build a solid team. We are not looking for the best players in the world but are simply looking for players willing to learn and better themselves for the overall team.

Our main goal is to clear Mythic content and form a lasting community that not only wants to down bosses, but that also wants to have a great time doing it as well.

Who We Are:

Defy is a brand new DAYTIME raiding alliance guild on Proudmoore.

-Community Events–
Mythic Raids Tuesday~11:00 AM – 2:00 PM CST Wednesday~10:00 AM – 1:00 PM CST
AOTC Raid~Sunday 12PM-3PM CST(still forming)
RBGs~Friday 2PM CST(Early group) Friday/Saturday 10pm CST(Late group)-Pending interest

•Progress - 10/10-N 9/10-H


Considering All slots!

We are always looking for people from every spectrum of the game. Experienced players burnt out from hardcore progression who want a more casual environment. New/Casual players with an eagerness to learn and who, most importantly, can accept constructive criticism. We are willing to sit down and work with every member on their rotation, talents, gemming, etc. We don’t care how much or how little experience you have. Show us how much you want to raid and how you want to add to our community. That is what we care about.

If this sounds like this is what you are looking for, please contact us!


GM - Bnet - Des#12939
Officer- Bnet - Egom#11995
Raid Lead- Bnet- Unbearable#1201

Nocturnal on Zuljin

We have been together since BC and raiding since ULD.

Raid times;

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

10:30p-1:30a (PST)

Progression as of today 9/10H

(On 3rd phase of Sire)

Thank you,

Bnet: Hamster#11648



Peoples definitions of “late” tend to be varied, anyways, feel free to take a look at the spam and message me if you’re interested.


Hello Sonarie

Nocturnal on Zuljin
We have been together since BC and raiding since ULD.

Raid times;
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:30p-1:30a (PST)

Progression as of today 9/10H
(On 3rd phase of Sire)

Thank you,
Real ID add

We have a trial night set for Tuesday at raid time

We don’t mind xrealm raiders, as long as you are interested in eventually joining our ranks at Lightbringer! Right now triying to keep our roster healthy while progressing in Castle Nathria, we’ve been toguether raiding for 8 years!

9/10 H Castle Nathria and doing smooth progress into Denathrius Currently. Easy going, Tight-knit, Weekend morning raiding team focusing on a good atmosphere, times are:

-Saturday from 9:00 AM to Noon Eastern time

-Sunday from 9:00 AM to Noon Eastern time

Pretty balanced composition, not currently looking for tanks. Currently looking for a mage and a Healer, however we can make room for anything if it looks like a good fit So contact me regardless! Experience and gear are not a factor but offspecs are appreciated!

We also have a some extra events during the week that you can take part of if you wish, mythic+, alt runs and random hiper incompetent pvp for the lols friday nights. We take the player over the gear and value consistency, If this sounds like something that’d interests you, contact me for more info, i’d love to speak with you one on one.

Contact me at Serathil#1871 (Bnet) for more info.