213 5/10 M h.paladin lf guild


I am a 5/10 M holy paladin. Before you review my logs please see my wowprogress page. Unfortunately I am 211-213 (depending on which trinket I want) ilvl and this makes my logs look like garbage. Please review the logs deeper and keep in mind these are the first time I’ve seen these bosses as a healer (was playing moonkin). I just made my logs sound bad but I was consistently out healing multiple healers 10 ilvl higher than I was, I promise it is good.

Again please see my wowprogress page as my goal in a guild has changed due to my moonkin’s guild dying.

Thank you!

Hey Keladra,

I’m a recruitment officer in Words Are Hard. We recently transferred to Thrall looking to find a wider range of Hordies who are chill and fun, but also solid players who care about playing their best. We’re 9/10H, hoping to get Daddy that final 10% tomorrow night. Our plan is a few mythic bosses after and setting ourselves up to start next tier strong. Current raid times are T/Th 8-11pm.

We definitely value the social side of our guild and our group spans a few servers, which it sounds like you do too. Basically, cool people looking for cool people. Hit me up on Discord Mei#7322 and we can chat more if you’re interested.

Edit: we did indeed get AOTC tonight, so we’ll be recruiting for mythic fun and next tier.

Hi! To the Gulag is a Raiding and Mythic+ Guild that may suit your needs.

We are a guild composed of mostly adults in our 30’s so we understand that life comes first however we like to progress and see content.

We raid Fri and Sat night from 8-11 central. We are currently 9/10 Heroic. We run Mythic+ almost daily and dabble in pvp.

Send a message to Yendorx#1489 or Valsun#11137 if you have any further questions.

Hey there Keladra!

Duality is currently looking for reliable healers interested in pushing AOTC every tier. We are currently 10/10 Normal and Heroic Castle Nathria. Our raid days (for heroic) are Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:00-11:00 EST, with an optional normal run for alts (and people that need/want to do it) on Fridays. Right now we’re only running a heroic group on Wednesdays until next tier (fyi, we’re not banging our heads on heroic Sire anymore). We occasionally run a normal raid group on Thursday for alts, if we have the interest and numbers.
We have several members that love M+ and love to push keys. We work towards completing the +15 achievements. Since we aren’t requiring raids on Thursday and Friday, we’ve been pushing keys instead.

We have an RBG group that runs on Sunday evenings. We are trying to work in a Saturday evening run so that we can get everyone their wins and % towards the mounts. We also have a few that group up for random battlegrounds and world PVP (terrorizing alliance in the Maw mainly).

We use Discord quite often. Discord is required for all raids, rated battlegrounds, and Mythic+ groups.

We are pretty laid back guild unless it involves killing bosses (then we have to put our serious faces on). I think you’d enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere we try to maintain in our guild.

Please btag me Orelia#1665 or Gaius#1999 if you’d like to discuss this more with us!

Hello, I’m the gm of phury we are 2/10m and 10/10h and were striving to be a gaming community, not just a wow guild we currently raid Tues/Weds/sun 10 pm-1 am est hit me up! tang#1917

Thank you for the responses. I trialed with a guild but couldn’t find the community. This along with my moonkin’s guild ending has pushed me in a more progressive area that also does m+ and pvp. Again thank you guys!

Hi Kaladra! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!