210 Windwalker LF 2 day Mythic guild (Horde/Any server)

Hi all. Title says it all basically.
I’m currently on Sargeras Horde after swapping from alliance a few expansions back and as you can imagine the amount of guilds clearing mythic is next to 0, there might be a single raid team going into mythic on my server.

A little about me, I’m a very competitive minded player, I strive to be the best at any game I play. I’ve been grandmaster in overwatch, top 100 in diablo 3, I’m currently AOTC from pugging with 2 heroic kills with about 1000IO also pugging.

At this point it just makes sense to me to finally find a home to push into harder content with like minded players. It’s getting very tiring to spend hours on hours for a heroic clear when I feel like I could do the bosses in my sleep at this point.

I’m a very mechanically sound player, once I understand a fight I don’t find myself making mistakes to mechanics very often. I have some past mythic experience, mostly just a few bosses here or there, the last time I was in a serious mythic guild was WOD during HFC and my guild kind of crashed on Gorefriend after over 250pulls.

Character name is Healthpxck on Sargeras so you can look up logs, with the caveat that by the end of my clear this week I intend to have all fights over 80% parse. I know that parsing isn’t the end all be all of being recruited but I’d like to show that I understand my class since playing monk from release.

Looking for a place to progress. I’m 30, I work full time (currently from home, so I’ve been on a wow a bit too much) and really would prefer a guild who raids in the evenings from Monday-Thursday with no weekend raids unless they are optional.

If you are looking for a windwalker hopefully I can fill that spot for you. I am also comfortable playing BrM and while it’s been a while since I’ve played MW, I could dip into it as well if needed.

msg me on discord, pinksocking#1174

Hey! We are an Alliance 2/10 M guild that raids twice a week! Hit me up if you’d like to discuss more. Your logs were okay, but your post was very well written and intriguing and I’d like to hear more if you’d like! :slight_smile: Discord @ Phantix#8896

Shoot me a message on discord! Justin#1943

Hello, is recruiting good players like you. We raid every Tues/Wed from 5PM-9PM PST and are currently 9/10H. Please pm on discord at Duke#7394 if you are interested.

Hello there, here is a little info. Hope to hear from you
Server: Illidan (Horde)
Progression 10/10 heroic, 10/10 normal
Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm EST (7pm-10pm server time)-potential Sunday raid based weekly on current prog that week. 8pm-11pm EST.

Who we are

Boomer Mechanics is a team focused around achieving CE each tier and having fun while doing it. Backed by a leadership core with over 10 years of raid / guild leading experience, we are dedicated to pushing cutting edge on a 2-3 night / week raiding schedule. This is our first tier as a guild but we have a strong core to build around.

What We Are Looking For

Potential applicants should have some previous mythic experience in recent raiding tiers. We emphasize picking the player over the class in many cases as a good player can switch to a strong class, but a bad player can never be an asset.

Our spots are 100% competitive, so we will always choose the player that’s the best decision for the success of the team. If you don’t see your class below, please don’t hesitate to reach out regardless.

Currently the classes we are looking for heavily are:
Healers- any great applicants with a dps offspec
tank- druid, warrior
Ranged DPS- hunter, mage, boomkin, warlock
Melee DPS- monk and warrior pref (pref with tank offspec)
open to other exceptional players/ classes as well.

How To Contact Us

Message one of our officers or Recruitment officer with our battle net tags below or leave a message below

Recruitment Officer: moofosa#1722
Officer: Sn0rlax#11479
Officer: Leapfrog#1490

If you can extend it to 3 days; M, T, W 8pm-11pm EST reach out to me. We’re a CE guild currently 2/10M with an immediate need for a very good WW monk.

Add me; Pezek#1832

Hi there, we are 10/10H looking to go into mythic nad need a monk


We are recruiting all roles and classes for Shadowlands

Our Current High Needs Are

Tanks - Low
Healers - Shaman, Paladin
Mele - Warrior
Ranged- Boomkin, Hunter, Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock

All required needs listed here :


WoW Guild mYtHiC rAiDeRs @ Stormrage :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft…

Who We Are
We are old friends of the game who have majorily raided in US 50th or higher guilds with the core leaders going as high as Top 10 US. We are looking to form a community of competitive players that are able to clear current content along with being a close knit group who enjoy playing games outside of WoW after progression.


We are looking for players with strong raiding backgrounds along with the drive to be the best players on the server. We need you to be on your A-game so that we can achieve CE on our 2 night a week schedule.

We do not recruit bench players

We do not do any splits and therefore do not require any alts

We raid 2 nights a week. Sunday 9pm - 12am, Monday 8pm - 12am EST

If you are interested in a competitive raid environment but also a place to call home please fill out the application linked below.
If you have any questions, please contact us vis Discord AFTER filling out the application.

Google Docs

mYtHiC rAiDeRs Application Form

Mancheese#5991 (Recruitment Officer)


Updated 1/11/2021

We don’t have a WW.

Have a spot for a monk, 2 day raid guild. Would like to chat.


Hey Healthpxck,
We are currently 10/10 H, looking for a few more core dps for our mythic push. We raid Tues/Thurs 10pm - 1am CST.
I think we might be a good fit. Please reach out via bnet or discord.

Discord: Scuttles#3311
BNET: Scuttles#1976


we are looking

NFÇ Is a weekday Mythic progression guild on the server US-Thrall.

Progression: 10/10N 3/10H

Our History:
We are newer raiding guild that recently formed in 9.0 with the goal of pushing cutting edge content as efficiently as possible. Our players are competitive and motivated, always looking to improve themselves and everyone else. We raid 3 days a week 7.30Hrs total and we use our time very well. We understand that everyone has different personalities but we all come together to raid in a non toxic environment that promotes healthy competition and rewards those who excel at their roles.

What we offer:

• A stable roster and constructive raid environment

• Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups

• Guild repairs and consumables ( comming soon )

• A raid team where spots are given based on merit, not favoritism

• Strong leadership with years of AoTC raiding experience

• A community where you can grow as a player as well as have fun and make friends

What we want:

• Attendance (90%+)

• Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role

• Mature attitude and able to take/give constructive criticism

• Willing to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self- improvement

• Players that are okay with sitting on certain boss fights when needed

Current Needs:
Open to all specs and classes

  • affliction warlock
  • shadow priest
  • ww monk
  • disc priest

Raid Times:

Tuesday | 8:30PM – 11:00 EST
Wednesday | 8:30PM – 11:00 EST
Thursday | 8:30PM – 11:00 EST
Sometimes we might extend raid times if everyone is down for it.

For more information, add the following Battle Tags:

GM: Omni#1752 ( Ømñibeast )


here is our spam!

Hey there. We are a newly re-formed guild that will focus on mythic raiding and pushing CE as soon as we can fill out our roster and get everyone geared up. In the mean time, we are organizing Heroic PUGs during our normal raiding hours of Thursday & Monday 8-11pm Eastern. Try us out for a night. My contact information can be found here:


Hey Aftershot,

[H] Area-52 Guild 7/10 Heroic is currently recruiting players to push into Mythic content and for CE.

Our guild currently consists of older gamers (25-30+) and is looking to expand our gaming community with talented and skilled players who want to down the content without the drama, egos, or toxicity. Most of us have been raiding together for 4+ years.

We are currently 10/10 Heroic and 10/10 Normal in Nathria and will be pushing AOTC soon. This will begin our mythic raiding.

We currently raid from 10:30 PM EST - 1:30 AM EST

We are currently recruiting any of the following classes/specs:

-Arms DPS Warrior
-Mages (Fire / Arcane)
-Shadow Priests

Disclaimer - We do not have any tank or healing positions open at this time

If you are interested in raiding with us, or want more information please message Axial #1159.

Thank you for your time!

Hello! We are in search of a WW, especially one as active in other games as you. We are an old rag tag team of friends and new faces that have been guild leading since ICC. We’re a 2 day (+1 flex) day a week team. Tuesday/Wednesday nights 7-10 CST, with the flex day being Sunday. We’re made up of exceptional CE players from multiple tiers with many years of raid leading and managing wow guilds. We are looking to just play a few times a week and be able to clear the tier in a quick and efficient manner, while having a fun relaxed environment.

Currently LF WW monk, RET pal, Holy PAL, Boomkin, feral, Shaman dps or any above average dps at this point due to some people losing interest in expac early on.

If you are searching for a two night a week guild that is active inside and outside the game then feel free to contact an officer to set up a trial or chat.

All interested parties are encouraged to contact Iliketurtles#1146, RyanS#11222, Zeek#1714 or evildead#1247 in game.

Or if you use discord @zeek#0713 or 0g_iliketurtlezz#7579

Would love to talk with you and see if we would be a good fit