205 Resto LF Mythic guild

Looking for an active community to mythic raid and run mythic+
205 ilvl bis conduits and legendary (235)
Any times are good, I’d prefer something Hardcore to Semi Hardcore. Im perfectly open to raiding upwards of 3-4 days a week pref evening/night times EST. Pref Alliance just because I’m already on Alliance.

Past expansions I’ve healed a MW and received CE multiple times in the past since MOP SOO up to BFA BFD then took a break in BFA.

Btag- Joni#1351

Hey Taiilee,

Eternal Order is a Alliance CE guild on Sargeras. The core team consist of former top 100 players We are recruiting for our mythic team as we currently are 5/10H. We raid T/W/Thurs from 9-12EST. We are moving from 2x a week to 3x a week starting this week in order to push through heroic and get into mythic. Let me know if you are interested.

Bnet - Cabose#1677
Discord - Cabosetv#0275

Just throwing this out there seeing if it sticks with you.

If able to transfer horde area 52, have immediate opening to step into mythic huntsman progression.


If your interested plz reach out to me on Btag

Hey Taiilee,