203 Affliction Warlock LF Raid Team

Hi all,

Currently 203 ilvl. Have been playing my warlock for a little over a week after a hiatus.

I was 11/12M last tier. I’m a mythic raider by heart, and looking for a home with like minded players that will eventually push CE. (Apologies, not interested in an AOTC / first few mythic bosses type guild).

I always study my logs and look for areas to improve.

I never blame deaths on bad rng - if I die, I try to figure out why to prevent it from happening again.

I may be a bit behind on gear currently, but I promise to perform at a high level once I catch up.

Please reply here if you have an opening.


Hey Mikeyxxz!

We currently are looking for a warlock for our raid team roster! You sound just like the type of player we are looking for. I’ll hit you with our spam. If you’re interested in chatting more, please add us on btag! We hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

< Death and Purples > is recruiting! We are a mythic progression guild on Area-52, Horde. We strive to provide a friendly yet competitive environment, aimed at high end progression. Our goal is to successfully achieve Cutting Edge content every tier, without compromising our community and the enjoyment of the game. Our raid spots are competitive. Our memes are on fire. Guild Management is experienced and professional.

Raid details below:

  • Progress: N: 10/10, H: 8/10
  • Raid Schedule: Monday/- Wednesday/Friday, 9:00PM-11:30PM (EST)
  • Loot Distribution: Loot Council

Recruitment needs:

  • Off Healer: DPS that can flex into a healer spot if needed
  • DPS: ALL Ranged DPS, Unholy DK

All exceptional players will be considered!

Aside from raiding, we have a large gaming community in WoW, and we play other games together too. :slight_smile: Super active Discord sever. We do social events every week, Mythic +, PvP, and more.

Please add us on Battletag for more information.

  • talex490#11500
  • AvaBell#1981
  • SlySylo#1391
  • Lilythia#1898

Or, apply at www.deathandpurples .com

Thank you for reading!
We look forward to slaying dragons and sharing memes with you.
DAP Guild Management

Hey there. I’m Kanyezus, the GM of Midnight Seared Bite. We’re a newly formed latenight guild on Area 52 and we think you’d be a proper fit for us. We are currently 10/10N and 5/10 heroic, we still have a number of spots open as we continue to lead successful pugs. Once our roster is full we will start Mythic progression. Our raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday 12AM to 3AM server time(EST) On offnights we usually hang out in discord and push mythic+ keys. We provide a fun and chill guild and raiding environment with the end game goal of reaching at least AOTC every raid tier.

If you’re interested you can reach me on bnet at Fl1pzomg#1101 or on our discord https://discord.gg/U4kAE4r4uP

We hope to hear from you soon!


Here is our latest post. Reach out if interested!


What up my guy,

Think you’d be a perfect fit :slight_smile:


Hey Mikey,

[H] Area-52 Guild 7/10 Heroic is currently recruiting players to push into Mythic content and for CE.

Our guild currently consists of older gamers (25-30+) and is looking to expand our gaming community with talented and skilled players who want to down the content without the drama, egos, or toxicity. Most of us have been raiding together for 4+ years.

We are currently 7/10 Heroic and 10/10 Normal in Nathria and will be pushing AOTC soon. This will begin our mythic raiding.

We currently raid from 10:30 PM EST - 1:30 AM EST

We are currently recruiting any of the following classes/specs:

-Arms DPS Warrior
-Mages (Fire / Arcane)
-Shadow Priests

Disclaimer - We do not have any tank or healing positions open at this time

If you are interested in raiding with us, or want more information please message Axial #1159.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi Mikeyxxz,
Faith is recruiting a Warlock!

We are a new guild, building up out raid team. We strive to offer a Laid back fun raiding environment for our raiders. Our ultimate goal is to have fun while raiding.

We raid Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday 9PM - 11:30PM EST

Currently we are 3/10H this is our 2nd week raiding together. Picking up some steam!

Discord: Dautz#9087
Bnet: Dautz#11514

Hi Mikey!! we are recruiting and I think you might be a good fit Tues/Wed- 12-3am est grp 1 is 8/10h Tues/Wed 9-11:30 pm will be grp 2 starting normal around the 19th
[H] Calamity 8/10H late night guild recruiting

Unsure if youre still looking for a guild but I run < Hate to See It > On area 52 - we are currently AoTC, 2/10M and previously 10/12M nyalotha. We raid Tues/Wed/Thur from 8 to 11 EST and looking for good ranged dps. If youre still looking and would like to chat ill leave my btag and one of my officers btags below.

Btag - Vae#11186, Zenmetsu#1316
Discord - Ivaedra#2899, Zenmetsu#4487

Hey Mikey,

I feel like you would be a good fit for our raid team. Below is some information about our raid team.

About Us

Hello! We are soap and we are looking for exceptional raiders to fill out our roster for pushing into CE content. Driven by previously experienced raiders we are looking to push to CE every content patch.

Interested in our team?

Soap is looking for multiple roles on a trial basis. All we ask is that you have raiding experience and logs ready.

How do I get ahold of you?

There are multiple ways to get ahold of us. You can whisper Papamýr, or Burliepriest in game. You can also add us on Bnet with Burlie#1542 or Myrdinn#1606

Hey there!

Im a recruiter for H on A52, I came across your post and would love to speak with you about recruitment for a spot in our Mythic raid group!

We currently raid Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm PST, and at 10/10 H and 2/10 M we are a bunch of players who are coming back to the game after a long hiatus that are looking to kill bosses and enjoy playing the game as a group!

Would love to have you on your Warlock! If you have any other questions, please feel free to add me on bnet - Terror#11115 or on discord at Terror#3711.

I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have!

Hey there!
is currently 8/10H looking for motivated dps to join us! We raid W/TH 8:30-11:30 pm est! We’re pretty laid back and just want to work on growing our guild and solidifying our roster!

If you’re interested and have more questions feel free to add me @:

[Guild: Roll Initiative]
10/10H 1/10M.
Semi Hardcore guild looking to push Mythic each tier. We’re currently looking for great DPS that’s willing to learn and improve to fill out our roster spot.
Raid times are Wed/Thu 8:30-11:30pm EST.
We also have M+ push groups and help guild members get their weekly +10’s or 15’s.
Let me know if are interested and want to ask some questions.
Discord: Riakuu#8905
Bnet: Riakuu#1258

zip sap

< Soup or Guild > is a new Horde Guild on Area-52 recruiting for aotc/heroic while we round out the roster to start mythic progression as soon as possible. We have goals of pushing as far as we can, and going for CE.

Several of the guild leadership achieved CE in Legion and BFA.

We are currently 2/10 mythic we are hoping to clear heroic content in the next week or two.

We are looking for 2-3 well rounded DPS to fill the raid. If you are not geared dont worry we are happy to help gear you as long as you can do mechanics.

Raid Times are Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est.

This guild was created recently by a group of active players with mythic and cutting edge experience who enjoy all types of content. We already have almost a full 20 player roster for mythic, and are just looking to fill in a few more spots!
Ranged dps, and Warriors are highly preferred. However any skilled players would still be considered, and are welcome to come trial with us.

Anyone else is welcome to join for regular pvp and m+ content that will be run with the guild as well.

Become part of something great and grow with us!

Liger#11271 on Bnet
Liger#5309 on Discord
oxreborn#1287 on Bnet
oxreborn#5533 on Discord

or respond here for more info