2019 All Anonymous Merchandise Swap Returns! [RP]

All Anonymous Merchandise Swap Returns!

The AAMS is pleased to announce this year’s secret gift exchange. It’s all about celebrating the season of kindness and sharing! If you’d like to give and receive a secret gift for Winter’s Veil, this is your chance!

This is a roleplaying event, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a lot of gold or are a low level character. Sometimes the best presents are the one which are grey!

If you sign up for this fabulous program:

  • You’ll be assigned a random other participant. You will be responsible for giving this person a gift!
  • On the flip side, you will also receive a gift from another participant!

Note that because we’re the AAMS, this program is open to all of our clients, and you may be paired up with a member of the opposite faction.


  • The gift must be something we can do entirely within the game. Do not send us store codes, gift card codes, or ask us to send the recipient to an external website. That includes a ban on Blizzard shop items.
  • Don’t wrap the present! Complimentary wrapping is provided. Plus, we have to store everything in our banks unwrapped so we can properly track presents. Save yourself a few silver.
  • Six or less items, including any letters! Everything must be able to fit inside a single /trade.
  • The gift must not obviously harm the recipient or the courier. That’s just one of our general rules for any package we send, any time of the year.
  • Anyone who does not turn in a gift by the end of Dec. 31st will not be eligible to receive their gift. This will make the person who sent you a present very sad. It will also make us find a last minute gift for your recipient, and who likes last minute shopping?
  • Limit of two characters allowed to sign up per player.


  • Sign Up Period: Now through Dec. 7th
    Add your name to this thread or talk to a member of the AAMS to sign up

  • Assignments: by Dec. 10th
    You’ll receive your assigned gift recipient in the mail.

  • Send in your gifts! Dec. 11th-31st
    You have three weeks to find the perfect gift and turn it into the AAMS! Either mail us or /trade it to an AAMS member.

  • Delivery! Dec. 16-31st
    The AAMS will start to deliver gifts as we receive them and people become eligible to receive. Only those who have turned in their gift will be able to receive theirs in turn.

  • Wrapping it up! Jan. 1-2:
    Any remaining gifts not delivered in person will be mailed.


  • What sort of presents should I buy?
    This is a role playing event, so don’t worry about buying something super impressive or expensive that takes up all your gold.
    Send a rock and tell us it’s geode.
    Buy some inks and send a calligraphy set.
    Send us a book and say it’s a rare first-edition history.
    It’s up to you to be creative!

  • How do I sign up?
    Talk to a member of the AAMS in game, add a post to this forum thread, or send an in game to mail Derscha-CenarionCircle on Alliance or Kezrin-CenarionCircle on Horde.

  • What happens if I don’t turn in a present?
    If you do not turn in a present by Dec. 31, you will not receive a present. This is to make it fair for everyone.

  • Does it have to be anonymous?
    By default, we won’t give any names unless the sender of the gift specifically tells us it’s okay or includes a note with their name.

  • I’ve selected a present. Now what?
    Please either give it to any AAMS guildmember you see online, or you can mail it to Derscha-CenarionCircle on Alliance or Kezrin-CenarionCircle for Horde. We will deliver the present for you. Do not wrap it!

  • Can you please pair me up with so-and-so?
    No, the pairings are random. We can’t honor requests for specific names or factions; it would go against the program! You are free to ask us to deliver an anonymous present as a separate request outside of the swap.

  • Can I sign up all my alts?
    Please limit yourself to two characters total. So you can have 1 Alliance and 1 Horde, or two from one faction.

  • Can I sign up someone else who isn’t me?
    You can choose to have someone else receive your gift, but you will still be responsible for buying a present for your assigned recipient. If you don’t turn in a present, the person you signed up will not receive one.

  • If you’ve got other questions, feel free to ask or bug us in game!

I think I’ll keep it to the tried and true this year. Let’s sign up with Maxla-SoE and Gyelfei-SoE.


I will sign up with Genevra (A) and Dashelir (H)


notices the number of likes being applied

Mingo, you better be signing up.

Or we’ll mail you some extra rocks we found hiding in the warehouse!


You wouldn’t dare!


I have been threatened with rocks. I have no choice, but to join the AAMS AAMS. :rofl:


Success! adds name

eyes Vendross next


Don’t look at me, I have nothing and need nothing.

Everyone could use a few extra rocks!

See, fun!

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Participant list has been finalized.

HORDE Letters have been sent. Alliance letters will be mailed once enough time passes I don’t trip the spam filter :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re a Horde member who signed up and have not received your letter an hour from now, please let me know so I can resend.

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Alliance letters have just been sent. Again, if you do not receive yours and you have signed up, please let me know.

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