2008io Prot Warrior LF 2500 Orientated Group

Hi Team,

I’m looking for a Mythic+ group whoes goal is to reach 2500 this season. Ive managed to get 2008 through pugging exclusively and hope to get to 2500 before this season with a team with the same goal.
Currently 6/8H as well.

I’m looking for a team around my io currently and that is well establishedestablished.
I have the basics, add ons and Discord
This season I have no real life obligations and can play for extended periods of time to reach this goal.
Trevoc555#1843 (my battle.net) or TheBest#2734 (my discord)is how you can contact me or I’ll check back periodically on this post.

I’m excited and join a team to make it to that final goal and further if we choose to as a team.

Edit: Updated contact

Hi Blodelves,

I’ve been looking for a team with no luck so far. Pugged my way through and I’m now 2014, my goal is to also reach 2500. I’ll reach out to you in Discord as well and here is my discord Lunaraes#0775

Hi luna, I sent the request but haven’t heard back. I’m hoping our schedules are just out of synch. Let me know if you’re still interested in joining up or any other plans you might have.

Hi Blodelves,

That’s strange, I check discord daily. I’ll check discord tonight when I arrive home from work.

Thank you for yor response on the forum!

Added you on Discord (Lxgend#1300)

Myself (2262io Rogue) and a friend (2232io WW Monk) are trying to put together an M+ group to push 2500io and beyond with. We’d love to run with you so hit me back on Discord if you’re interested.

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Also added you on Discord, please reach back if you’re interested!

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