2006 rating in solo shuffle

I wanna thank the academy, the directors, and my mom. She wasn’t really around and i’m not sure where she is but she brought me into this world and I never would have hit 2k without her.

Also on a real note thanks for all the cool people in the forums who put up with my stupid questions when i came back from a break, and ignored their general disdain for all warlock kind to give me advice.

It took me almost 20 years to stop rerolling alts because they looked fun and just play one thing and i got 2k in a few weeks. That being said i may just shove rating all next season


Congrats man that’s a big one

next stop duelist

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Thats the plan! doubt i’m smart enough but im gonna try

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Awesome, congratz and keep up the great work.

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Grats! Keep pushing to duelist!


Congratulations :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Huge congratulations, man! It always feels great to reach your milestones! Keep climbing and keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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Gratz OP, bring it home

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Ty sir. I have a bunch of recordings im going to try and get uploaded tonight.

I think im going to record my own vod review over them because there are some pretty blatantly obvious issues i can see and if you have anything else to add feel free.

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Hey! I hit 2k on my sv hunter and felt similarly. Had a bad 2-4 keeping me around 2030, but then banged out a 5-1 (sadly threw the last match like an idiot) and a 4-2 and got the dope duelist achieve!

You can do it!

the enchant sucks and doesn’t work with any mogs though but whatever.


This is my goofy gob hunter with Garbo mog btw.

If you can hit 2k, you can hit duelist. Pretty much the same lobbies

Yeah just wait until i upload vods, feels like blind luck i made it this far. I spend so much time with maintenance or bad globals its a wonder i was allowed out of the starting zone sometimes

Shuffles goofy. When I try and make “smart” plays I lose.

It’s really just spam max dam and get timely cc.

The 2100 and below range.

Haven’t touched and may never touch anything higher lol.

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alright mr nas, its under InsaneWEBER on youtube. i put up a couple of my worst vods from before i had the good run to 2k, so be warned, lots of mistakes. but i’m curious if you’ll notice a bunch of stuff that i didn’t.

lots of things seemed to improve in later games already but i didn’t have time to get those uploaded also.

Congrats on the milestone buddy next stop duelist then legend!

can u upload them without ur commentary?

checking out tho. i turned the volume down so no worries.

Nah, the whole idea is to teach myself what I’m doing wrong.