$20 off BFA...lawl


Who else just received the $20 odd BFA email?!? Classic forever baby!!


What is bfa… Lol


I delete all Blizzard emails on sight…


BFA? Never heard of her.


I wouldnt play BFA for free.

(Tubbly) #6

There was talk of you getting it for free if you hit level 60 or something. Hang on to your coupon, imo :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, not sure if you’ve played, but there are good things in the current version of retail. The dungeon design is really good and so are the raids… imo, at least. Even M+ running is actually really fun, for a while at least, until it gets stale. It takes quite a few runs to hit that point though… probably as many classic dungeon runs, lol.

When you run out of stuff to do in classic, it’s handy that Blizzard is throwing a free game at you that you don’t have to pay anything for to keep you occupied until the next Classic phase :slight_smile:


I’m bothered because likely at Blizzcon they will announce the next xpac and once they make that pre-purchaseable you should get BFA for free.


:rofl: :rofl:

They can’t give that trash away!!!


You get BFA for free with your Classic WoW purchase.

That’s what I’m telling everyone now.

BFA is just the extra bonus mode.



Do you think she might be pretty?


BFA was the very first time I’ve ever received an invite for “Family and Friends” Alpha. I played the hell out of Alpha and Beta releases and seeing how they ignored feedback during the process made BFA the first expansion I didn’t pre order or even play on launch.

I did end up buying it about three weeks after release, leveled a warrior to 120 and with the GCD changes they somehow still pushed to live in spite of months of feedback about how bad it was I finally gave up.

Now that we have an official classic release, BFA is the last expansion I’ll ever buy.


I’m absolutely blown away by how I absolutely hate all these mechanics I used to defend and love until 2012 when I quit.

  • transmog
  • flying
  • lfr
  • lfg

And now having played classic wow for about a month, I never want to see those key mechanics again. The side effects of NOT having them in the game make for a much more rewarding experience.

Achievements? Your gear is your achievements. It’s out there for anyone and everyone to see. You can’t hide it or run from it or cover it up with a transmog.

flying? flying makes the world seem smaller. makes travelling feel less rewarding once you get some where. makes player interaction non existent. removes the danger from the world.

lfr/lfg? removes the need to be nice. you can be a stranger and a jerk and there are no consequences socially. did you party with a person who was a jerk? dont party with them again, they will have a harder time finding groups. Social groups are formed. People interact. It makes this more of a multiplayer game then a single player game.

That’s the entire point of the game.

LFR and LFG make it option to just single player this. We all may as well be bots. And that’s fine but there are lots of single player rpg’s out there if that’s your bag.

Anyways. These all can’t be removed from retail. It’s too late to put the genie in the bottle. Even if it were offered for free, it’s not the game I want to play.


Battle for Azeroth? More like… Battle for Another-sub!


Oh yeah, I can’t wait to go back to BfA so I can one shot old bosses for cosmetic rewards.


BFA is horrible because it caters to every player demands.


No it doesn’t. It caters to the raiding scene’s demands.

If you’re a raider, BFA is pretty much Raiding: The Game.

If BFA catered to every player, we’d have better economies, meaningful professions, cohesive PvP experiences, gear vendors, AKA other reasons to play besides endgame raid progression.

One of the bigger problems with BFA has nothing to do with how it caters to players. The problem is that it takes away player agency and gives little reason to anything else besides raiding. If BFA catered to more players, it would feel like a much better, more lively game to be in.


Hard pass on BFA.

I think they just want more carry over from Classic players to retail, as retail is undoutably suffering.


Battle For Activision. Trying to make earnings forecasts for Q3. Once again evil shareholders are invading their lands and demanding increased profit margins.


I’d need a damn good reason to go back to retail atm. I love progressing at my own pace, instead of not being able to fly for a year because of reasons. Sure, I’m never gonna fly in Classic but getting a ground mount isn’t locked behind silly things like being in a 40 man raid comprised of at least 85% gnomes defeating Ragnaros using only Kobald Mining Shovels.


I mean I they are giving BFA away for free with a boost if you get to LVL 60 in classic