20 Days without new Blood- Introduce Yourself Here

I would like to hear if this was already scrapped , 20 Days since last comment here, only 44 comments (Remove blues and we’ve like 30-35 players ), we don’t have the 100 players that could provide that feedback.

I would like to hear from those Community Managers if there’s a next step on this feedback idea, or it’s already a failing scenario.

It feels like the people that said it was a PR movement were right due to the actual state, maybe a Council member could ask what happened or what’s the next step on this feedback mechanic. It’s good to launch 9.2 when it’s ready and not before but why Devs don’t do a Q&A live stream with CC members regarding 9.2, take the chance to review feedback besides the current expansion and maybe add some to the patch, i hope for 9.2.5 there’s some QoL for old content, so some players could engage during the drought for 10.0 , example BFA raids included to legacy loot.

hello all im bloodmen frost and unholy dk i came to this game in wrath of the litch king it was really hard my first time playing with the old pvp set up i almost quit playing back then being a lev 10 love the way its now i love to raid doing key runs too some places in the game look so nice when i play my dk i its very slow running in raids getting back to the group after dieing and im all ways looking to make my dk better at all i do in the game some time i like to see a real story line about all the toons and i like to soo our toons go back to places where it got destoryed and do back and help then rebould what was lost and make it look nice again