2 Years Later

The sad realization as a Night elf heading to Darnassus to represent my people by buying a tabard and then I don’t know why but finally after like 2 years that feeling settling in that Darnassus no longer exists and that those disgusting horde burned down our damn Tree man. WOW I am late but does that hit the feels, Night elfs need some redemption.


i believe the word you are looking is reckoning.

i understand how you are feeling however blizzard did everything they could to make bfa’s experience the worst possible on each side and we’re not going to get vengeance sadly they cant exactly kill the other faction.

Can i convince you to forget about it and instead join me into never caring about faction pride ever again?


You’re late to the party, they already said that the Night Elves got their revenge in 8.1 and that it’s over.

Also, they’re giving that redemption to Sylvanas, they already stated that the Burning of Teldrassil was not evil in their opinion, and since the Night Elves are even with the Horde and Sylvanas (words of the devs) now they don’t need any more vengance.

But don’t worry, atleast we got a blighted and destroyed Darkshore back while our home is forever gone and Ashenvale is a Horde zone.


I wish I could have that moment of “Wow, that really happened!” but I can’t because there’s another forty-page thread about it here every day.


The CDev team’s masterstroke was predicting that Teldrassil would be seen as morally grey later down the line, because after years of story forum tantrums most people would wish they could burn the damned thing again.


(Query): Instead of vengeance, how about asking for a new Capital, and perhaps new racial narratives?

(Speculative): The Night Elf story could be turned around relatively simply. As an example, I don’t think anyone really thought there were Night Elven settlements on Azeroth outside of Kalimdor. Then, Legion brought us Val’sharrah. What’s more, they also brought us the Nightborne. Who’s to say there aren’t other Night Elf settlements out there?

(Commentary): Personally, right now I would like to see a story for the Night Elves were Tyrande is given a vision by Elune of scattered pockets of Night Elves in far flung corners of Azeroth, and then she goes forth to seek them out and unite them. High Priests/Priestesses of these various communities can be waiting for her and the other Night Elves, perhaps each with their own variations on Night Elven traditions and aesthetics. It’d even be a good chance to incorporate Highborne elements more solidly into the modern Kaldorei society and culture.


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What we need is revenge and retribution.
Cold and black light of the dark moon for everyone who was there watching it to happen.

It’s really not happening though.

Tyrande and the Night Elves got her revenge in 8.1, that’s when they became even with the Horde and Sylvanas. Sylvanas is also getting her redemption and the Horde is innocent anyway.

There is no chance for justice or a resolution, and blizz also isn’t interested to continue the night wlf story in a positive way. Next thing will be Tyrande dying I bet.


Ah yes, another angry night elf post.


The mistake with this post was that it was an optimistic look into the future, instead of insufferable whining about vengeance that will never come.

This kind of post has no place in the Story Forums! Way with you, Mechagnome!


I believe the correct word you’re looking for is vengeance. Teldrassil was a tragedy that has not been answered for in any way, shape, or form beyond a weak apology by a pathetic, powerless Orc.

I love everything about this. We don’t know how large primordial Kalimdor was and there cuff be far flung places that were lost during The Sundering. Maybe they could have explored the other side of Azeroth and got stuck there. It’s an excellent idea with many possibilities.


No it was just stripping NEs of the LAST THING their identity is about: the connection towards their homelands.

It was just plain stupid and based on lack of knowledge, connection and even interest in NE history and background.
So it would be cool if non-NE players would just shut up about suggestions where to go with NEs. KK THX BYE.

(Statement): Unit Exacitor is glad someone appreciates it.

(Commentary): I just think it’d be a great way to expand on Night Elf culture and help our Night Elves rebuild. Dwarves and Orcs have different clans, Humans have their kingdoms, well, I think something similar should happen for Night Elves. It’d even be a way to bring some more customization to the table (not that Night Elves are lacking in that department, but I do like when new customization has a lore emphasis behind it). Likewise the idea that these various scattered communities are essentially linked by their faith in Elune would help cement Tyrande’s role in it.

(Speculative): The only part of this that could be problematic would be whether or not the Nightborne should also interact with these various communities. On the one hand, it would only make sense. On the other hand, they are part of the faction that committed genocide against the Night Elves of Kalimdor. Should the Nightborne seek them out only to be scolded and reprimanded time and time again for their choice of faction? They weren’t exactly front and center for the War of Thorns so that doesn’t exactly seem fair to them, but they’d probably be leading the Horde’s narrative in those cases of meeting new Night Elven communities.


I had a long post written up, but then I realized if just be responding to more whinging.

So by all means carry on.


(trying to combine two posts on a cell phone sucks…)

Honestly I wouldn’t hate Nightborn also being involved but I think they wouldn’t want to?

(Speculative): I don’t see why the Nightborne wouldn’t be interested in meeting more of their people, though like I said, it’d probably be one scorning after another for something they personally had no direct involvement in. Granted I imagine the Horde might be better off interacting with new tribes of trolls instead, or tauren.

This all sounds good, but it’s not exactly “rebuilding” Night Elf culture. They basically destroyed two entire zones, left 1 in limbo(ashenvale, no one knows what happened to it) and gave 1 of the completely destroyed one’s back. And then in response to it their leader was said to do some ritual never mentioned before that changed her completely, and now the entire Night Elf culture is nothing but that change. They’re Night Elves in little more than name now.

Going out to find other night elves and learning about them is great, and could be an amazing story. But it’s not “night elf culture” in the sense of what it was to be a Night Elf for the past 10 years of this game’s lifetime. The druidism, the sentinels, guardians, children of the stars,… all gone. Burned down, stomped into the dirt, and replaced.

This is how Night elves are introduced to players on this very website:

Venerable Guardians

The ancient and reclusive night elves have played a pivotal role in shaping Azeroth’s fate. The night elves of today still remember the War of the Ancients over ten thousand years ago, when they halted the Burning Legion’s first invasion of Azeroth. When the Legion’s remnants rallied together with the vile satyrs centuries later, the night elves again opposed the threat, ultimately vanquishing the forces that set out to wreak havoc on their world.

Night Elf History

The Legion’s emergence had forever changed night elven society. Under the leadership of Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, they cultivated a peaceful civilization, and shunned the use of arcane magic, which had attracted the Legion to Azeroth.

But the night elves’ tranquility was shattered anew when the Legion and its terrifying undead Scourge launched a new invasion of Azeroth in the modern times–a conflict known as the Third War. The Night Elves fought alongside the Horde and Alliance to defeat the Legion, but their victory was only made possible through an explosion that damaged the blessed World Tree, which had long granted the night elves immortality and protection from aging and disease.

Against Malfurion’s warnings, renegade druids created a new World Tree in hopes of restoring the night elves’ immortality. But this new World Tree eventually became tainted by a dark malady called the Emerald Nightmare, which the night elves were able to combat with Malfurion’s aid.

Although the night elves still struggle to cope with the loss of immortality, the fate of Azeroth rests on their resilience and willingness to aid other races; qualities which the Burning Legion will surely test again.

Tell me if that accurately describes what Night Elves are today after BFA. Compare the Night Elf of today to the Night Elf of Warcraft 3 and WoW’s launch. Do they really strike you as the same people? Has any other culture in this series changed so drastically?

So yes; exploring those new cultures would likely be cool. But it does nothing to address the problem of what the Night Elves have lost over the course of this game; Identity. It’s just replacing it with new ones, not restoring or expanding on the culture/identity of old.


None of that description however mentions them forever being locked to guarding a Ashenvale forever though.

They still have their sentinels, druidism is still at the forefront to their detriment. The only thing lost was their “savage” nature but that post itself doesn’t really call them that either.

The night elf identity was lost in the transition from WC3 to WoW, I won’t deny that. But since then their identity had basically just been “tree elves who get attacked by Horde”, with just about everything else we learned about them being pre-Sundering stuff about how awesome their empire was before it collapsed. Or Druidism.


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