2 Players LF weekend raid/m+ team


We are both looking for a guild for middle aged folks who dont really care for the teenager vitriol mentality (you know…the ones who post pumper in their keys, or big **** dps only).

We’ve done all the content on at least normal difficulty and over 10+ keys. Looking for a social group that understands parent/working adult life.

I can play most dps, other player is a healer.

Friday night, any time Saturday, Sunday morning are our best times to raid. We can run keys/mogs/mounts any night unless there is a sporting event or family night planned.


Descendants of Lore is recruiting. We are all middle aged or older. Although we tell stupid dad jokes and can act like kids on occasion. We are raiding Heroic and do take it seriously (most of the time :P). We run lots of keys during the week with raids on the weekend. We are mostly looking for another tank and a DPS/Healing hybrid, but we are always willing to bring in new friends. We might raid a bit later on the weekends than would work for you, but I will leave the link to our recruitment post below:

Descendants of Lore Recruiting

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Dad jokes are A+++ however you are correct that sunday evenings are bit too late. When school is in session that is when we are doing dinner and bed time.

I appreciate that you took the time to check though =)

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Hi there Kaelidari! I think we feature the schedule, events, and level of play that you are interested in! Check us out!

I look forward to hearing from you!