2 or 3 more MW Buffs

Then maybe they’ll actually be viable.

Frequent and minor changes are nice when they’re actually frequent. PvP balance didn’t start until a month ago. It also helps when under performing classes actually get touched.

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nerf MW –

If they remove the cooldown on Cocoon, then maybe… lmao

well, lets see how these buffs actually pane out before we say that they need more. who knows, after these buffs, i could see them being a top tier pick.

Meanwhile they buffed Hunter in the most useless and completely inconsequential ways possible that I almost wish they ignored the class like they did DH.

At least I can blindly hope DH might have some changes later, the Hunter changes were so off-base that it literally made me lose hope that anyone on the dev team has even looked at a Hunter since the expansion.

is this a joke? MW’s haven’t been touched this entire xpac? where’s the buff?

There ye go bud, it’s in the feb9 changes

Not without having any real CDs. They need their numbers massively buffed.