2-3 hours until we see potential patch notes

Kind of feel like they could of done without the RSK buff.

Assume rogue is on the monday notes

I’ve only seen one boomkin post since the patch notes came out…

I’m cool with those changes. Full Moon was cheese and high winds OP.

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Based chad boomkin enjoyer

People asking to nerf more than what is OP are just delusional. Ignore them.
That goes for any spec at any time. They just want free rating.

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Horrible changes.

Why not just remove it and add something else at this point. 15% for 3 seconds isn’t fun or exciting.

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Most of them seem good or reasonable to me.

It’s not like 30 for 6 was fun and exciting for most people in the arena.


If anything, 30% for 6 seconds just made arena more boring my drawing out matches.

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Precisely. :dracthyr_uwu: Although, perhaps, maybe these adjustments were a bit too heavy-handed.

This remains to be seen, raw damage input ALONE will never straight up win you high rated games. Fast clone with that insane debuff was sub levels of control at a range.

Demo is trash tier after the rework. Destro is the strongest lock spec now. The reason why spriest had insane OVERALL damage was you could cycle through dcds with your healer and sit in the open because of the CDR on DesP. Not because Spriest has a good damage profile, its a joke, a clown show, a meme. You kno what has good untouched damage. ENH.

I don’t count Fire RMPal as a caster comp. Maybe you do, buddy.

40% on nothing is still nothing, maybe I missed the other buffs. I don’t find ele remotely challenging even if they are botting 80k+ dps all game, which isn’t even the case anymore.

It’s going to be Destro/Moonking/X, Fury TSG, Walking Dead.

Good luck on your climb with turbo tho, chief.

15% for three seconds can still be very impactful especially as dampening ramps up. Unsure if boomkins will still take it though

Raw damage can, and has, won many high rating and even awc games over the years.

Oppressive damage that can end a game in 1 second will never be healthy for wow

Outside of Cdew team’s bug abusing in the start area with Moonkin, please show me some links because just disagreeing to pretend you have a relevant view makes you look more pathetic than your real persona, Amatox.

You mean making matches shorter.

clone isn’t going to be meaningfully slower lmao

demo is still one of the best specs in the game after the rework
demo splay? demo ele? demo ret? demo moonkin?
it has been doing VERY well every bracket all week

ascendance will probably get nerfed on monday

casters being meta doesn’t explicitly mean exclusively double caster
rmhpriest is underrated not only is hpriest an insane healer rn on healing merits but it adds an ABSURD amount of meaningful damage to goes w/ how insane holy fire is rn

though fire/demo/x is really strong

i don’t think destro is going to be better than demo with moonkin

i dont think lock/moonkin is going to be better than splay

i don’t think tsg is going to be that good outside of running over bad wizards at low cr

wwdk will probably be VERY good though yeah (already is)

that’s pretty cooked ele damage profile is insane
100k+ control of lavas on dispels is going to hurt a LOT

looking forward to the sv buffs (sv didn’t need those LMAO), been playing mostly w/ that


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No, I meant what I said.

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Oh is that a new thumbnail face? Never seen that before. He must be hyped.

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we wouldn’t have any other talents to play boomy runs 2 cyclone talents and a crit talent the rest are pretty much useless lol

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Would love to hear Boomy thoughts indeed on what PvP talents will be mostly used.