198 ilvl Ret / 197 ilvl Prot Pally LF (Casual raid, M+, PVP guild)

Returned in December from a break since Early MOP. Looking for a guild that is active but not hardcore with raid times no earlier than 8pm server. Have 2k exp on 2 toons, current content kills in Firelands and Dragonsoul, ect. back in the day. Have a DH, Spriest, and soon to be Rogue @60 as well. Just looking to raid and play with active folks. Like my current guild but would like to have more people online and active in the evenings and I can’t make the early 6:30 pm raids.

No raid expierence in Shadowlands.

Also I’m in my 40’s and play Horde, I have no idea why it posted from literally the only Alliance alt I have

Btag is ddixon1979#1112

We are currently recruiting mostly DPS and would love to have you join us. We are mostly long term WoW players who also came back after a break for Shadowlands. We raid on the weekends in the afternoon and currently work on pushing keys most weeknights. I sent you a bnet friend request and here is our discord: 6uHCecD3nJ