197 monk LF Guild

I’m a monk that is returning after my group in Final Fantasy 14 took a break till the next expansion so I’m just looking for a guild to help out in Raids, Mythic +, and PvP to keep me company.

I wanted to play Brewmaster or Windwalker for this expac.

I’m available ANY day from 3 PM CST onward.

Best/Fastest way to contact:
BNET: Zinshio#1311
Discord: Zinshio#5408

Hello NAME,

Lemme refer you to Mementô

We’re raiding Heroic (7/10) right now, intent on moving to Mythic quickly. We raid Friday & Saturday 7:30-10pm Eastern Standard Time – but we’ve also got a strong lot pushing keys and looking for more who want to join us in the dungeons.

Our guild is comprised of like-minded players interested in a mythic raiding environment. We also welcome anyone to join and watch our content as a means of improving themselves or simply to have a group of people they can rely on to down content or keys. Our knowledge base includes raiders whom have done a scattered amount of mythic & CE raiding in past tiers.

For more information reach out to our forum post Here

If you have any interest, I can answer questions you might have, by contacting me at the following links:

Discord - siddyy#4918
Battletag - pixel#12533


If you’re still looking please let me know! We’re a newly formed guild with old players with 10/10H experience. We’re working on building our ranks with players who enjoying hanging out and doing things with each other in and out of raid!

Let me know if this sounds like something you’d be interested in! Discord - Flirty#5835 or Btag - Jennay#1610

Zinshio, hello :slight_smile:
My guild is 9/10 heroic.
We are looking for raiders.

Please Contact via Discord:

Raid Schedule

Primary Nights: Wed/Thur @ 9:00pm-12am EST
Optional/ALT Raids: Sunday @ 9:00pm-12am EST

We’re 10/10H

Unknown Identity is a new guild of longtime players focused on Heroic-level raiding. Outside of raid progression, we’ll be pushing Mythic+, casual and higher keys, as well as Rated/Unrated Arena and BG’s for fun.

You don’t have to worry about being left out of anything because of your class/spec/covenant. All we ask is that you come prepared to do your best - the same you’d ask of anyone else you’re teamed up with. If you’re struggling, we’ll offer to help you out as long as you’re willing to put forth the effort of learning.

We want this guild to be a place you can come and have fun without stressing too much and we’re looking for like-minded degenerates who like to play with their peers and contribute to a community.

Location: Horde- Illidan

Currently Recruiting- DPS/Tank

Raid Days/time: Tuesday/Wednesday 6PM PST/ 8PM CST/ 9 PM EST

Thank you for your time!

Bnet: Lif3l3ss#1578
Discord: lif3l3ss#1625