196 Unholy w/Blood OS LF AOTC/Mythic Prog guild

Character: Wraith-Icecrown
Btag: TheWolvesden#1360
Ilvl: Unholy 196(W/Bis M+ Leggo)/Blood 198(w/bis Leggo)
Guild History
Hit It and Crit It- US Silvermoon 3 years
Acheived many AOTC achievments with this guild. Sadly during the second tier of BFA the administration fell apart and the core team all but left
Whisper- Us-Area 52 1 year
Progressed with this guild through Mythic Eternal Palace & Mythic BoD and I loved it! Sadly I cant make their raid days anymore.
Class Exp
Unholy DK Since Legion NH(This has been my main class/spec since Legion)
Blood DK Since Wotlk ICC 25 H
Raid EXP
Wrath: 25 man Naxx,25 man Ulduar(yogg at 1 light),25 H ICC
Cata: Heroic BOT,TotFW,Firelands
Legion: AOTC NH,TOS,ATBT (Guild-Hit It and Crit IT-Us Silvermoon)
BFA: Uldir AOTC week 4: 4 Mythic Bosses,
BoD: AOTC week 4:6 Mythic Bosses(Guild Whisper- US Area-52
Eternal Palace: AOTC week 2: 5 Mythic Bosses (Guild Whisper Area-52)
Logs: I tend to change my toon name each x-pack and have realm transferred a couple of time if you would like to see my logs please let me know and I will provide the links
Raid Availability
Sat/Sun Any Time Works
Mon-Fri Any time after 10pm CST
What I am looking for in a guild
Skilled and active community of players that push content together (I really hate pugging)
An Active Social Aspect to the guild
Required log performance and raid consumes