184 Days and Spell batching still needs changed

The spell batching is what made classic what it was, if you change it then you will change how the content plays. A lot of yall seem to forget that a lot of the difficulty of vanilla was because of tech limitations at the time, which required things like the batching. The only way it will be the same game is to emulate it.

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Leeway still exists in BfA, if it was implemented because of bad connections, it would be removed.

Spell Batching took them a tremendous amount of effort to get as low as possible in WoD. If it was implemented because of bad internet, they wouldn’t have waited until WoD to change it.

Blizzard isn’t going to remove Spell Batching or Leeway because of some bogus reasoning people are coming up with.

Yea tell me more…

Leeway was implemented for bridging gaps period. There is no dispute a quick search will provide you the answer. I don’t have to explain to you why Leeway is atrocious now that we all have good internet, that is unless you’re low iq in which case let me know.

Spell batching is the way it is because they said they wanted to give players that “Authentic” feeling. They tried and it just doesn’t work. I mean its pretty fun kicking a cast and the cast still going off. I don’t enjoy having to dumb down my reaction time for batching. The perfect example would be a mage casting sheep but I want to kick at the last second and I am still beating on the mage as he tries to cast. If you wait with this spell batching and kick you will still get sheeped because of how 2004 batching works. They literally explained this in an interview.

Leeway has been proven to act 100% differently than it was intended for in vanilla and countless videos have been posted as proof.

Of course they’re not going to make any changes players actually want. They need you to pre order shadowlands. Classic was a means to hold sub #'s long enough to get Shadowlands out. Activision is the kings of 1 thing and 1 thing only and that is milking you for every last $$$ they can.

No it hasn’t, rofl. It’s EXACTLY the same as it was in 2006.

It works like it did in 2006. I don’t like it but the community wanted it and Blizzard delivered.

The rest of your post is just tinfoil theories and not worth responding to.

This is pretty hyperbolic.

I’m not particularly a fan of spell batching, but we all deal with it, equally. It doesn’t matter if we have it or not, in that regard.

Are there specific issues that you are hoping get addressed?

Spell batching

I thought the title was pretty clear?


And you still aren’t.

What precisely are you hoping to have addressed about Spell batching? (Leeway was definitely not something that was clear from the title… so let’s add that to the list of things to clarify, please).

Perhaps you could elaborate on what about spell batching is problematic, and how you would propose to resolve these problems, while also addressing the points made in this post:

Blizzard keeps this then implements a bunch of changes that don’t make the game any better… this company has become sad

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funny thing about this, wow was never* laggy for me, i’ve had broadband since before wow launched, so it feels extra weird.

i am not opposed to them changing this as i do have fast 200 mb internet and decent computer but. your statement about everyone heaving it is wrong. my brother does not the best internet offered in his area is dsl at max of 5mb on its best day average about 1 to 2 mbs but i am sure the majority of people do have fact internet

No…#NOCHANGES. Get used to it. Plus I love shatter combos to death. Get Gud. jfc I would like some advantage for killing horde considering they play on ezmode x10 for F sake.

There are still places around here that your only option is satellite internet, which is pretty garbage most of the time. There is a reason we bought our new home in town.

This is the part that kills me, they turned WSG into a toxic waste dump of premades cause allies all hit the queue button at the same time for AV, but we aren’t allowed to get rid of hitting bandage then having auto attack go off canceling it, lol.

Yea that is one of hundreds of examples of why its not fun