17th Anniversary Drops Hotfixed

Thank you for the change so much :relieved:

Now time to just enjoy Korraks instead of sending all alts at this guy.

Feel sorry for the people who tried farming it. I gave it one shot and was like: nah

Actually there’s a lot of FOMO, people use 50+ alts to try to get those, i usually don´t do plans in order to farm love rocket each year, we’ve to level up characters to the next limit in order to get epic loot box and we face a lot of issues like 10 instance lock outs and the fight is not even interesting.

But Collectors want that mount and Blizzard don´t include a bad luck mechanic or just let us farm it without any id, spam that with a character all day.

I am not familiar with this mount… :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news. Thank you!

I’ll be sure to check out the event now. Keep up the good vibes!

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Bit annoyed this is happening after I spent 4 hours dragging all my toons out there and getting the mount after 50 tries, but this is still a good change.

Though I wish you’d do the same for aka as axe, or put it on the vendor for badges.

I got the axe to drop today, but it’s still a limited time weapon appearance people have wanted since BC.

Either way, thank you for listening :heart:


Actually yes they should be. I say this as someone who has them all.

They are literally only available for a few days out of a year and already have a really low drop rate…they should have an alternate means of acquiring given these are rare events and just meant to be fun.

I’m of the opinion any rare mount should have the drop rate increased over time too…the prestige is getting/earning them while content is relevant. I’d pretty much make any legacy raid a daily reset too.

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Doesn’t seem sus to you that the scandal breaks, and within a couple hours it’s hotfixed?
Why didn’t they hotfix it yesterday if a 1% drop rate wasn’t intentional? There were plenty of threads about it on the forums yesterday, I’d be surprised if they weren’t aware of it.


Interesting how this suddenly happens when new news about Bobby and Blizz comes out and the stock tanks.


Thanks, now I can actually enjoy the 17% xp buff instead of spending all my game time killing Doomwalker on all my characters. Good change but I wish it had been like that from the start.


Do this with flying in the new zone please.

10x damage in Legion raids too. Just end it.


I disagree. Holiday event items should always be 100% and they should reevaluate how to obtain them. I don’t mind working toward a goal, but I do not like everything to feel like a slot machine.

I hope their reward philosophy continues to shift this way more often in the future.

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Unpopular Opinion: I don’t like this “fix”. Getting the mount is no longer a “Yes, I got it!” and more of “Another mount literally everyone has, into storage it goes”. Few people value things they get for free.

Something given has no value --Lieutenant Jean Rasczak


There are enough of those mounts in the game. It’s a recolor anyway. Who cares.

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I should really practice more on the art of whining. It really seems to be effective lately.

Do it, Blizzard. Let us have fun.


Understand that Warcraft is all about the dopamine hit. You feel nothing when you get vendor trash, you feel a bit happy when something rare drops. You feel really happy when you and your team defeat an especially difficult raid boss.

Free handouts have no value.

But that’s just like, ya know, my opinion man.

It would have been nice if this change had gone in at reset. I dunno how y’all keep missing the analysis on timing and impact of changes like this.

Any confirmation on whether this is daily or weekly reset? Need to know how long I have to wait after I already burned my 18 attempts this morning.

EDIT: I see the actual original post specifies it’s daily. I only read the Wowhead headline before coming in here.

Good change, but can I ask what the design philosophy was behind the original implementation?

Good change for an ‘‘anniversary’’ event. Glad you guys are listening at the moment…