17th Anniversary Drops Hotfixed

i know you don’t think the stock price is going to rebound because the drop chance of a single item in a single activision-blizzard product is increased. right?

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My only worry about this is, what happens to someone who might not be able to play for a few days? If the mount drops 100%, many people will quit killing the boss after they get the mount, so does that mean that by this weekend, there won’t be enough people to kill him still doing it?

sucks to be them

Can I just get it mailed to me?

Thank you for this. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Didn’t they just publish a nasty legal notice saying they can’t read the forums or accept unsolicited suggestions? This feels more like a dev’s unlucky 12 year old nephew complained so they changed it.

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people will still have interest, the 220 gear alone will keep people killing it non-stop till he event persists.

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We had plenty of people play through the anniversary at least what I saw when they had the deathwing-mount be 100%.

Participation usually drops off anyway later.
And not everyone goes hard at the beginning.
[people have lifes :stuck_out_tongue: ]

There are also other things people may want there that can drop that are sought after so it’ll keep some people invested. Even for boredom sake.

Personally I feel frustrated it took that long. I get my dopamine hit off of actually doing things not getting things. Honestly I like killing the boss because it’s fun. I don’t like grinding it on all my alts. That just gets repetitive and boring.

To you.


That is correct

Glad to hear that. Was just wondering. After all, it’s not like the Headless Horseman when a 5-person pug can take him.

Huh, where?
Suggestions =/= feed back to already existing implementations in-game.
Then they wouldn’t have any PTR exist, lol. That’s silly.
You misunderstood what you read.

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Yes do this next

You’re not getting it for free. Getting it for free is when you used to get a pet in the mailbox for logging in.

You’re participating in an event and you’re getting a reward for playing the game. And you are correct, it’s a pretty unpopular opinion. FFXIV’s events are big and you are almost always guaranteed the reward for participation.

I doubt many people care about how prestigious something is due to its unobtainability in a game like this in modern times. I personally don’t care what you have in your collection, I only care about my ability to get rewards that interest me.

Being lucky is not a good-feeling system for “earning” something. I don’t want to play lottery, I want do something and get something for it.


You may be right, but I don’t think so in this case. I’m going to have to dig that notice up though, so many threads like that simply vanish in GD when they reflect poorly on the company.

Thank you.

Do tell who was that. I need to look it up lol

It had to do with people sending game ideas to Blizzard.

Then you’d be wrong.
This fix is result of feed back.
Your train of thought would mean PTR would have to be taken down.

It’s illogical thinking - so yes - you misunderstood.

NEW IDEAS FOR GAMES = Not accepted by Blizz.

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If I remember her name was Maddeline Roux. Could be wrong though.


Blizzard Entertainment® has adopted the unalterable policy of refusing to accept or look at any unsolicited submissions or ideas.

Seems pretty straight forward to me.

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