17th Anniv. Event Blows3

Yeah, I kind of miss events like these. Rushing to get all my alts through it, trying to keep from getting my face melted on low level toons. Ironically, my main got face melted and the majority of my level 35 alts lived. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Well, I wouldn’t call you entitled. But sometimes you can be a brat :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that’s so bad. Blizz could have at least made you spawn at the entrance since this is just a fluff event for 2 weeks. Nothing surprises me these days. :sweat_smile:

Yes. Its an anniversary event. Gifts are expected
I dont remember anybody complaining about the DW mount that was amazingly well designed and free for everyone who showed up and participated

i just die since it’s personal loot - i take the rez sickness and log on to the next alt…

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Is it just world bosses, or did they add that old raid boss instanced thing to?

This event like any non decade anniversary is bland and forgetful. However, it is hardly the big deal GD is making it out to be either

Me and a whole bunch of people just got the mount…so either we just had the luckiest random group ever or they just hotfixed/buffed the drop rate. Like literally me and like 7 people all got it going off chat

No need to sugarcoat it… it’s bad :laughing:

  • random 220 pieces? useless, or on par with Korthia gear our alts already had
  • 20-30 gold? :yawning_face:
  • and “the cherry on top”…a microscopic 1%
    drop rate for the anniversary mount? :yawning_face:

And it’s not just the pay/compensation from Doomwalker that is low, Korrak’s Revenge AV pays out only a small pittance of XP… so low you’re actually better off just doing Shadowlands leveling quests @ 7600-9000 XP a pop.

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heyyy I just got the doomhawk. on maybe somewhere around the 20-25th try.

17 years of characters meant I had a lot of 30+

now i guess I need to farm the appearances, but the “pressure” is off.

It does now:


this is a great change.

anniversary events should feel good, not disappointing.

though now I’m sad I brought every single 30+ character I have out to tanaris lol oh well, over time they’ll get back to their respective camp spots.


Not if you’re a casual player such as myself and many others who do not care for raiding/M+. ilvl226 gear is a major upgrade for some of my alts. Plus transmogs are always welcome. I get so tired of people who never miss an opportunity to put down those who play the game the way they want to.

All gold is good gold.

Same drop rate as for the Headless Horseman’s Mount… which I got this year.

EDIT: I suppose the issue on the mount drop rate is a moot point now… lol

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I agree it should be a fun time for all!


Also the 15th. That was when they had the Deathwing mount and the original, un-nerfed version of Korrack’s. It was pretty hype.

And now I have a reason to kill the thing.

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As it should! But my question is… why is Blizzard’s first instinct always so contrary to the desires of their playerbase?

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I wish they would stop this and focus on the “fun”.

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Yes, thanks - like I never knew that, what is it with people here pointing out the obvious like that changes anything :laughing:

I have zero idea what you mean 'cause I don’t play other games. :confused:

Yes again, thanks professor.
But there is a thing as someone disliking too much rng.
A balance needs to be struck to make it feel better - like you aren’t just playing a game towards something you may very well never get… even a mouse needs to be given some hope of reaching the cheese.

You sound like one of those ‘classic’ folks who tell people they need to ‘work’ for their items :laughing: get outta here with your captain obvious statements like I’m supposed to just agree and accept it. off you go soldier.

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Like, I give them credit for eventually listening and making good changes. But so many of these changes are made necessary by a design philosophy held by the team that hasn’t interrogated itself in a decade. They’ve lost the forest for the trees and have forgotten what “fun” is.