$1500 gaming chair

This is basically just a new colorway and rebranding of a Herman Miller chair that’s existed for a long time already.

Herman Miller chairs are great. Their price seems crazy, but they usually sell under list price and they’re very durable, which means it’s not hard to find them used in good condition on craigslist/facebook marketplace/etc for half price or less.

Anyway, I have one of the non-Logitech HM Embody’s as my home desk chair. I got it for free when a startup I used to work for went out of business. It’s already got 4-5 years of 5-10 hour days worth of use on it and it’s almost as good as new. I expect to get another 5 years on it and it wouldn’t surprise me if it lasted years beyond that.

So if you think of it as a chair you’ll be using for a decade, it’s basically a top-tier chair for $150/year, which isn’t bad at all.

Tempurpedic chair that was like $450 about 6 years ago

Let’s be clear, Herman Miller is a premiere, global chair manufacturer. Their middle of the road chairs cost ~$1000 USD, making this chair on the high end category. Personally, I think it’s a little pricey. Their ~600 dollar chairs are PHENOMENAL so I personally wouldn’t want to spend this level of cash…but, if you have money to spare, I think it’s worth it.

Yep, my roommate grabbed a like-new Herman Miller Aeron (the one I think you’re referencing) off of craigslist for like $250, which is a steal for the grade of chair you’re getting.