12/12M Restoration Shaman LF CE Guild

BFA has been my first expansion raiding at any level and I made it my goal to improve as a player each tier, which culminated in earning CE in Ny’alotha. I’m looking for a guild that progresses through content at a steady pace and holds every raider accountable. I put a considerable amount of time into making sure that my class/spec is optimized and I’d like to be in an environment where every player puts in the same amount of effort. I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you! I can trial this week if you’re interested. Willing to go Alliance as well if the fit is right. Looking for a core healing spot. Logs are under Stumpett - Thrall.

Discord: Stumpett - Thrall#3786
BNET: Colten0994#1543

Good morning !!

Divine Minds is a semi hardcore raiding guild located on US Illidan, Horde side. We are recruiting for our core Mythic raiding team.

Raid Days

Tuesday 8PM - 11PM EST
Wednesday 8PM - 11PM EST
Thursday 8PM - 11PM EST

Our priorities for recruitment is the following:

  • Blood Death Knight
  • Tank with DPS off-spec
  • Mistweaver Monk

All exceptional players will be considered regardless of class and spec.

Our goal is to achieve Cutting Edge every tier, while hosting a fun environment.

Outside of raiding, we have a lot of active members who like to push high keys. We have many members with an IO score of over 2000 and many more climbing. If PvP is more your thing we have an RBG team and several multi-glads that love to run arenas.

Apply at h ttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PL6CT2V (Delete space in between h & t)

or feel free to reach out to one of our officer’s which are posted below.

Guild Master
Zymena - Defusionz#1271

Pickle - Pickle#1469
Nibs - Excedrinz#1237

About Us

Darude Bonestorm (Horde - Mal’Ganis)

Darude Bonestorm is a new guild founded in 2020 looking for dedicated players to join us in Shadowlands for Mythic+ pushing and Cutting Edge. We are a community of Mythic-seasoned players spanning multiple expansions that have come together with the desire and drive to clear mythic raid content in a timely manner and support a roster capable of competitive Mythic+ pushing. We are looking to fill the remainder of our roster with competitive, competent and friendly players who we feel are deeply knowledgeable about their class and are driven to constantly push themselves with each success or failure. We expect that recruits will demonstrate these qualities primarily through interacting and trialing with us. While logs, current IO scores and so forth provide a strong signal, we encourage returning players and other applicants in situations where these might not be available to apply.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday/Wednesday - 7:00 to 11:00 PM CST

Raid Availability and Needs

Listed below are current needs for our raid group, but we are happy to accept all applicants and roles for Mythic+ pushing.

Off-Spec: High

Warrior: High
All other DPS: Medium

Shaman: High
All other healers: Medium

Contact Information

Xellus (Recruitment Officer)

  • Xellus#1115 (BattleNet)
  • Xellus#0984 (Discord)

Iviker (Guild Master)

  • Iviker#1707 (BattleNet)
  • Iviker#4453 (Discord)

Hey Stump, Severity on Hyjal is a horde two night raiding guild looking for exceptional healers as your logs indicate to fill our roster. You can message me on disc/bnet at Meatbus#1097/Meatbus#11401 if you are interested.

Formerly [A] on Lightbringer, we are now on [H] on the Illidan Server. TC 12/12M was founded on May 2005 and have been a top guild from inception, obtaining most cutting edges. We are getting most of the core guild members back so you can expect a guild with seasoned leadership, a relaxed and fun raid environment full of skillful individuals.

We are currently raiding Tues & Weds 9:30-12:30am EST. We have an optional run on Sundays at the same time . This is usually reserved for Sales, Achievements, or Norm/Heroic Clears during Mythic Prog.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to anyone in leadership

Officer Ghostyy BTag Ghosty#1481 Discord Ghosty#0330
Officer Llunai Btag Lunana#1345 Discord Luna#8650
GM Xellos BTag Xellos#1969 Discord Xellos#3150

Hey Stumpett-

Affinity from Clown Fiesta on Area 52 here.

I feel like we could be a good fit for what you’re looking for.

We were formerly known as Tyrannical on US-Stormrage Alliance before making the swap to Horde in preparation for Shadowlands.

Simply put, we are a two day Cutting Edge guild. Our guild consists of people of all ages with different raiding backgrounds all with the shared goal of pushing for CE fast and efficiently. We expect all raiders on our team to show up on time and prepared for progression to make the small amount of time that we raid per week valuable. At the end of the day, our goal is achieving Cutting Edge in a friendly and non-toxic environment with a two day schedule while still remaining competitive and serious during raid times.

Our past tiers include 11/11M Antorus, 8/8M Uldir, 9/9M BoD, 8/8M EP and 12/12M Ny’alotha. We take pride in achieving CE for all available tiers on our 2 day schedule. As of the time of writing this in BFA Season 4, we have numerous M+ players at 5k+ io score.

We are currently in the market for a healing position on our core roster and would be open to talking with you to see if you’d be a good fit for our guild as well as our guild being a good fit for you. Feel free to check out our WoWProgress page for some more in-depth information.

Feel free to reach out on Discord only @ Affinity#6442 if you’d be interested in chatting! Please send me over logs of your play during a night of early progression on a new boss. Farm logs are generally not what I look at to evaluate a recruit.