12/12 M 3250cr priest lf guild on ally

Hello solid disc/shadow/holy priest 12/12M while also being a current r1 in pvp. Trying to find a guild to progress with into shadowlands. Solid player though with lot of game knowledge. Can play all 3 specs. Currently in the top 100 in 3v3 looking to focus a bit more on PVE in SL. Post btag or discord below if interested.

Hello @cultxo, I Belong to a guild called “Errant Venture” on Whisperwind that you may be interested in so if you would like to discuss and hear the specifics, please contact me through one of the following methods.

Discord- Hidden Conquest#4443
Bnet- xCrimsonAce#1575

Hey Cultxo,

we are looking for a priest, if you would like to go to work tired AF like us then look no further…

We are a CE guild that is aiming for 150 US +/-. We are a group of individuals who range from top 10 US guilds to top 200 US. We are looking to fill our last remaining spots. We are looking for raiders with prior CE experience.

Our Goals

  • Cutting Edge every tier
  • Near 150 U.S. rank
  • Sales once content is cleared

Raid Times

  • T/W 10pm-2am EST

High Priority

  • Priest - any spec
  • Monk - MW or exceptional WW

Medium Priority

  • Paladin - Any spec
  • Rogue - Any spec
  • Hunter - MM / BM

Any serious inquiries will be accepted!

You can apply here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhgJPvWjGlqSkYePC_YMZIf3kQb_ycbFzGqn08e2U4hEIwpA/viewform?embedded=true

You can reach us through Btag.

We’re taking all exceptional players

still looking. willing to xfer horde

For what it’s worth, buying 2 Nzoth kills off Ethical and claiming 12/12M is not a good look. Here’s a free bump I guess…