120 Pally (H) on Uther Looking for Guild


Hello, I am a recently returning player looking to join an active guild for Mythic Keystone dungeons, PvP and other entertaining events. I’d like to do some raiding, but not sure if my schedule will allow that. I play on the west coast, have a job and family and would like to find like minded others to enjoy my gaming time with.
I’m a veteran WoW player, skilled raider and PvPer. I have played since launch and through most expansion, but left WoW during Warlords.
My main character is a BE Ret Pally, currently 390 item score. Also working on Holy gear.


add me and lets talk



Hey, on a different server but my guild is perfect for people with families that want to raid without a huge time commitment. We raid only raid 4 hours a week, but in those 4 hours we take care of business. Would live to talk to you about coming to heal for us. You can look over our recruitment poat below and see if it sounds like a good fit.

Exiled is an AOTC focused raiding guild located on the server Turalyon. While our focus is AOTC, we will dabble in Mythic raiding once all content has been cleared. We are currently 9/9H BoD and 2/2H CoS looking to start pushing into Mythic BoD as the roster allows.

RAID TIMES: Currently we raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-10pm est.

RAID EXPECTATIONS: Our raid times are short, so during those 2 hour windows want to be pulling. Due to our time constraints we dont want to have to explain every encounter with every pull. Discord in between pulls is typically laughing and joking around, but during the pull communication is focused on what we are doing. We expect you to come prepared with everything you will need for the encounter i.e. pots, watching videos, and properly enchanted/gems. We provide most everything except for your pots, all you need to do is ask.

ATMOSPHERE OUTSIDE OF RAID: We are a guild comprised of mostly late 20s to late 30s year old working adults. We all are typically in discord joking around with each other posting memes or picking on the Demon Hunter. Our sense of humor tends towards the dark side, so really nothing you say will offend anyone. Most of us are on almost every night running mythic plus, leveling alts, or just hanging out playing other games.

Needs: We are looking for a dedicated tank, DPS, and healers for our raid team. However if the atmosphere sounds like something your interested in, we are always recruiting social players.

If any of this sounds interesting to you please dont hesitate to contact me on discord: taurast#9407 or bnet: taurast#1518 or Nicknac on discord/bnet: theblizzur#1777
Good luck Have fun and Sorry about your key!


Hi Scyllyth! My husband and I recently left our old guild due to a difference of opinions and created for a fun environment with good friends pushing content and having a good time doing it! We’re horde on Zul’jin. We began raiding last week and are currently 6/9 H BoD. We raid Tues and Thurs from 8-10:30 pm PST. Most of us are on the West Coast with families and/or jobs, so we are much more active in the evening and on the weekends. We run M+ weekly and ensure everyone gets in at least a +10 for the cache each week. We are a close group of friends and are hoping to add more people that will fit in with our family vibe. We are silly and sarcastic but would do anything for our guildies. If you think we may be a good fit for you, please message me Babybones#1163. Hope to hear from you soon =)


Add my battletag BJensen28#1130 would love to talk to you about joining us, we are on Uther but alliance if faction change is a possibility