12 Days of Winter Veil [A event series] Dec 5 to 16

Join us as we celebrate coming of Father Winter with our 12 days of Winter Veil celebration. Please see the following schedule for each day’s events.

This is a multi-guild event that is open to all Alliance members and includes 1 cross-faction event.

Thank you to all of the guilds/individuals who have volunteered to make this year’s 12 day of Winter Veil a success.

December 5
On the 1st day of Winter Veil, Conclave gave to me… a raucous kick off party!
6pm Northshire Abbey

December 6
On the 2nd day of Winter Veil, Conclave gave to me… two thrashin bots
6pm Ironforge side of the Tram. Bring your Crashin’ Thrasin’ Bots!

December 7th
On the 3rd day of Winter Veil, Stormwind Union gave to me… three tree blings
Ornament Decorating Contest (most creative ornament descriptions will win prizes) 6pm, Stormwind Union Watch Office (Cathedral District)

December 8th
On the 4th day of Winter Veil, Conclave gave to me… four bubbling pools.
4pm server Winterspring hot springs - Spa Day! Note change in time*

December 9th
On the 5th day of Winter Veil, Bards of the Lion gave to me…five songs and stories
6pm The Blue Recluse, Stormwind - sharing stories and carols.

December 10th
On the 6th day of Winter Veil, Feathers of Iron gave to me…six drinks a-chilling
6:30p Salty Sailor, Booty Bay, Stranglethorn

December 11th
On the 7th day of Winter Veil, Conclave gave to me seven looks a-thrilling
6pm Gazebo, Stormwind, Winter Veil transmog contest. Original outfits, no premade holiday gear 20k gold in prizes available.

December 12th
On the 8th day of Winter Veil, Conclave gave to me eight chocolate treats.
6pm The Blue Recluse, Stormwind.

December 13th
On the 9th day of Winter Veil, Conclave gave to me nine bruises healing
6pm Northshire Abbey - Snow ball fight, soft foam sword fight, shenanigans

December 14th
On the 10th day of Winter Veil the AAMS gave to me…10 drinks for drinking.
A Night Cap with the AAMS; Join the AAMS outside of Stormstout Brewery for a sampling. 7pm server Cross Faction event

December 15th
On the 11th day of Winter Veil Stormwind Union gave to me… 11 rods a dazzling.
Stormwind Union’s Dazzling Winter Veil 6p server, Pig N Whistle Bring your Dazzling Wand and a sense of adventure.

December 16th
On the 12th day of Winter Veil Conclave gave to me … 12 dancers dancing.
Location TBD 6pm Server. Formal attire… Join us for a Winter Veil Ball.

Thank you to Stormwind Union, Bards of the Lion, AAMS, and Feathers of Iron for joining our annual Winter Veil celebration.

Remember this Winter Veil to take some time to tell those you care about that they are appreciated. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Thank you Cenarion-Circle & Sisters of Elune RP Community.

Happy Winter Veil

  • Genevra Stoneheardt-Nash, Steward of Conclave

Looking forward to seeing you all at our event tonight! 6pm at the Watch Office in the Cathedral District!

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for the holiday event! Here are the winners:

1st Place - Celeste
2nd Place - Absolan
3rd Place - Thorawulf

Everyone who participated gets a big hand for your creative ideas! Thanks, it was fun!

(( Of note: Tonight’s tavern is in a neutral location, and the Feathers crew usually has elixirs to chug, so if any Horde friends get hungry, come on down for a bite, too! :grinning: ))

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(Cup means of food. Cup will not actually bite you, so you are in no danger in turning into a festive were-gnome. :smiley:)


( Spoilsport. :stuck_out_tongue: )



< bites Thel >

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Looking forward to seeing all your Holiday Tmogs tonight!

Hey all

Sunday at 6pm is our Dazzling Rod tournament in Old Town! We’re looking forward to people shooting giant balls of light at each other all over the neighborhood! We tested it out tonight, and can confirm it will be a literal blast! ;D


Thanks to everyone who participated tonight! Luci proved to be a monster with a Dazzling Rod, and won the tournament handily!

Everyone had so much fun that we’ll run this event again in the future!

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11 days of fun and one left to go! Join us tonight at the Broken Isles Dalaran Beer Garden for the Winter Veil Ball at 6 bells. Formal attire encouraged.

Edited to Add: Thank you to everyone who came out to support the events this year.

A special thank you to all of the guilds who hosted the events: Stormwind Union, AAMS, Bards of the Lion, Feathers of Iron.

It was great to get out and meet everyone and share in the merriment. Thank you!