1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

As someone who has played retail…

No. No we can’t. This doesn’t include reinforcements or any of that stupidity. Let’s not exaggerate to try and strengthen our points please.


Zerg AV is not worth having in the game at all, really, especially in a game called “classic”.


Y’all complain alot, they went to a patch and are sticking with the patch - if you want to change the content of a patch, you’re not looking for what the experience was within that patch, you’re looking for your own customized experience. I, for one, like the OLD AV, but am just happy for what we’re getting.


You forgot gems like this:

Fundamental “we know better than you” ignorance.


How is that relevant to what he’s saying at all?

You’re reading a bit into that. It’s just an attempt at humor.


Perhaps. But attempting humor after that :poop: falls flat.

“You know that version of AV that the majority prefer? Nah, we’re going with the nerfed version. Look at the monkey, look at the silly monkey! lol”


I know how you feel. I’m not going to pretend I’m not disappointed. The prospect of a 1.5 or 1.6 AV was one of the things I looked forward to the most. Maybe THE biggest thing…because I never really experienced it, and it’s so dramatically different from later versions (including 1.12). So suddenly that’s been removed.

But I’m trying real hard not to let my emotions take over right now. Acting rash and spiteful is only going to make matters worse.


I would think crazy turtle and week long AV’s lost the fun factor, for most, after a couple of go’s. Turtles aren’t good hph, aren’t good rep-ph … just a waste of time after the fun feeling fades. I mean, if you’ve seen one turtle or one 3 day AV, you’ve seen them all. Again, I imagine MOST folks feel this way, not all.

1.12 av isn’t a mistake, nor is it going to wreck Classic, in any way.

It is still an epic PvE BG, an epic map, and will be enjoyed by most folks.


Your breaking point is further than mine. After over a decade, having one chance to do this project justice, this just fails so comically hard.
Pissed? Yup.


If 1.12 AV makes you lose interest in Classic, you weren’t interested to begin with, imo.

This minor element hardly subtracts from the awesome that Classic will be.


[quote=“Mogar-stormrage, post:7, topic:129052, full:true”]
The cynic in me infers from this that they’re not putting a lot of time, effort and resources into creating a potentially ‘best’ version of Classic. Just whatever’s easiest and quickest.[/quote]
You sound like Peppermint Patty at Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.


They picked 1.12 because it was the most polished and finished version of Vanilla that had all of the major elements, notably the raids and such. A game like WoW is thousands of little changes. WoW is a clay sculpture, not a kit of discreet pieces. Clay was added and removed and added again, blemishes smoothed over, odd appendages completely yanked off. But in the end, it’s a ball of clay that’s not discernibly built.

Just like going back in to time to make changes may end up killing your grandfather, there are all sorts of “butterfly effects” if you try to rollback little bits of the system. So, tread lightly if you dare tread at all.

The team is dedicated to try to get something released this summer. Trying to get basic Classic Tone running at all, and fix the glaring operational issues, much less subtle stuff introduced by tweaking stuff in the past. It’s thousands of details badly remembered.


Old AV is synonymous with classic WoW in a lot of ways.

Current AV is a race, and 1.12 is what started the vast majority of the transition to racing. The same awful racing we’ve had to deal with for over a decade in modern WoW.

Blizzard, you are RUINING a large element of classic WoW by making this bad decision.


1.12 AV and retail AV are nowhere close to the same thing. Just stop.


1: we dont know if blizzard has the info to recreate AV 1.5 to be up to there standards.

2: 1.12 AV will be easier to make and thus will help classic come out sooner.

3: There is no reason blizzard might not decide to make AV 1.5 in the future after things settle alittle and they see the size of the audience it would affect.


This was published October 2006, aka after patch 1.12

Four minute AV. Yeah, nothing like Current WoW’s AV.


BRB, gonna get a video from the internet that proves the Earth is flat. Because if it’s a video of one example of something that helps my argument it’s the complete truth and no other point of view matters.


The video used shows a very coordinated group that used a route to get to Van quickly. In the current AV, matches can take up to half an hour or more because of uncoordinated teams and general confusion. I have rarely seen the Horde win AV.


I doubt you’re going to find a video proving the Earth is flat, because the Earth is not flat. But I did provide a video from Vanilla, after 1.12 (and before the TBC) that clearly shows you can zerg AV.

So if your only response to being proven wrong is to make nonsensical posts…I guess that shows you have no real argument. 1.12 AV has more in common with BfA’s version than 1.5’s. That’s just objectively true.

Because people hadn’t honed the strategy at the time, but now they will. They know exactly what to do, and they’ll do it. Fun, epic battles might occasionally happen. But just like today players will seek the path of least resistance. They’ll just end the bg as quickly as possible, which means a zerg to grind that honor efficiently.


Still possible in 1.12 AV.

Still possible in 1.12 AV.

Still possible in 1.12 AV.

Still possible in 1.12 AV.

Honestly, I can’t remember an AV in Vanilla that was just “rush past each other and race to the finish.” It wasn’t until reinforcements were added in that I can remember a single AV that didn’t take at least 3-4 hours.