1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

I loved the original as well. It felt like a REAL (fantasy) battleground.

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I remember 1.4 AV…the walls we built to hold off the alliance and 3 days of pushing and preventing being pushed. No movement whatsoever for 3 damn days. My buddy Jimmy was a young warrior, inexperienced but brave. On the final day we mustered enough blood to summon the giant and made a massive push. Jimmy ran out in honor onto the bridge. He died on that damn bridge of AOE fest…I remember his last words before he charged out.

Lok’tar ogar.



All we can do is continue to make our voices heard and hope Blizz will listen. I am also in favor of an older version of AV.


yea basically just need to upvote the crap out of the ops post. (however) its damn near click bait at this point. with the real meaning lost. Unless you read it all.

yeah they really need to delay WoW Classic to 2020/2021 so they can everything like original game!

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The original blue thread OP announcing AV 1.12: 120 likes

This thread: over 700 likes

I think it is clear which state of AV is preferred by the players.


They don’t have the original code for it. They used a 1.12 version and put it on the modern day platform. Its either all 1.12 or we would of had to wait another 2 years while they remade all this stuff. It is what it is.

They are developing an early AV for the 15th anniversary.
Next excuse?


They have source code from earlier versions… they used it to build classic.

No they can release classic and start working on an older version of AV so it can be available at a later date.

To OP,

That version just won’t work in Classic, there are too many people in regions that even cross realm bg’s couldn’t solve. The sheer amount of players would surely give you the crazy long wait queues that came with AV at that time in vanilla. And if there was a faction imbalance people could be waiting 12 hours to get into a match. I’ve seen it and have experienced long queues as well. It would be nice to see those true nuisances, but the way I look at it, all those who played vanilla will always know the true differences between classic and vanilla; I think that a cool niche gift that we get to see and we will remember those times. But I want vanilla to be enjoyable for everyone. I want to be able to validate the arguments I had all these years and let everyone enjoy the game the best way possible. Because vanilla was “perfectly imbalanced” and I think classic will give that to everyone. Especially with the version of AV.

To answer the code debate,

A lot of code has been merged down into so much other code and versions of the game, it’s probably gone. And the AV they are making for retail is new, it uses the retails framework to make it; that wouldn’t work at all with the source they use for classic.

So play the retail version where there would be enough people to support it.

Ooooor I can play it in the classic version of the game, where it rightfully belongs. :man_shrugging:

What’s the complaint then ?

Are you actually reading posts in context of what they are replies to, or is that too much effort on your part and just want to troll?

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Did you consider that this ‘classic’ can’t support that version - or did you just ignore that part of what I said.

It was a problem even way back then, that is why it was changed - there is no point in putting a fail version into the game because ‘x’ number of people think they want this.

Classic has the same underworkings as modern, cupcake.

People whining about something taking too long did not make it a “problem”. Catering to such individuals was the problem and what led us to the current state of retail.

OK, J Allen Brack.


This thread is still going on?

It’ll still be fun. I’m just happy to get Classic.

Support has different meanings that the one you assumed.

lol - so even classic was ruined by people with lives.

She is right Cupcake! I chuckled when she called you cupcake.