1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

A noob question… I’ve been ignoring the 1.12 issue so far because of three resons, the one relevant here is that I belive 1.12 doesn’t have the reinforcements-countdown mechanic, but all of the complaints I’m seen kind of point at their existance.

So, if there are no reinforcements, what makes such a difference?

If there are reinforcements, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, BLIZZARD?!

Some people just want the more pve oriented version with more npc’s.

And no we are not getting reinforcements those were added much later.

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Then I think I didn’t get to play the old AV.

I loved AV from the 1.12 version right until reinforcements, but now I wonder why I wouldn’t get to play the actual Vanilla version in a game that is supposed to be a replica of Vanilla.

Even from my ignorance, after reading some comments it’s obvious that choosing the 1.12 is a mistake.


1.12 is a vanilla version of AV. Read the blue post, they explain why they prefer this version and why it was generally more popular than earlier versions.

Classic will be released at patch 1.12
Why is the 1.12 version of AV being used ?

Um … read above ?

OK, my bad, it clearly states that reinforcements are not there.
Also that “the game will be on 1.12 so AV will be on 1.12”.

Now when you go to their reasons, it’s quite poor. It’s saying “1.12 is better because we state that it’s better” and then incur on contradictions such as explaining that nerfed NPCs encourage turning in items. Wouldn’t you focus more on the PvE part of the game (farming and turning in items) when the PvE part is more relevant?

In the same way as Classic is running on a modern client despite having 1.12 data, and AQ is not being released on launch (at patch 1.12), there is no reason whatsoever to justify choosing the 1.12 patch for AV because of the “balance” being at 1.12.

So thank you for directing me to the blue post. Looking at what Blizzard said, where they say not much more than “we chose 1.12 because it’s there”, it makes even more sense now (at least for me) to ask for an older version of AV.


You forgot the “gives us clarity” and “gross” parts.


I totally agree man.

Any progress on a change ? I have to say I am on the fence about it. I may not purchase without a true AV. I just won AV on retail horde side. Rush and back cap towers. Not all that fun.

Every time I see this thread get bumped it puts a smile on my face. I doubt the devs will come to their senses on this one but at least we’re trying.

The entire point of Classic being made is to re-experience things like 1.5 AV.


Dearest Blizzard, please expend the same if not more effort into recreating early AV that a private server did years ago with much less capital and much less human resources. They did so because it was important. It is still important.


This is what it will be in classic if Blizzard releases it as is.

Agreed. 10+ years of reinforcement toward it being the most efficient way to run the BG is not going to be magically forgotten.


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Lets be honest though, old old AV had it’s charm but 99.99999% of players aren’t going to stay in 1 AV match for 3 days. I honestly think it’s for the best to have the version that doesn’t take days to win. We aren’t overpowered like in retail, it’s not going to be a “who can get to the enemy boss quickest” game. It’ll still be fun.

I want to collect the parts of my enemies.


Lets be honest, AV was designed such that the players would play a part in a conflict larger than them. There was no requirement to be there till the end, one could get rep and honor just by completing objectives and the quests. One could easily get to exalted and never see the victory screen.

It is absolutely going to be “who can get to the enemy boss quickest” situation, as it has been ingrained into players heads the past decade that being the most efficient way to play it.

It will have comically short shelflife, and once those who are only in it for the shinies get their lewtz, they will toss it over their shoulder. Those that actually enjoyed the bg pre-guttening will be left with an empty husk.

But back to your initial point about being in it for 3 days: that was not common, and you could play it in small manageable chunks. You did not need to be in it for the complete game.


I really want to see the Bomber, Cavalry and Boss summons. How often will those be used if we get 1.12 AV? The NPCs have all been nerfed or removed so there’s no need for those really cool tools to be used. You’ll only see them very rarely if ever.


Not often if at all. There will simply not be time to gather the mats and do the turnins.

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