11.0 dracthyr request

Please allow visage form and dracthyr form to have separate mogs.

It’s hard to make both look good when you can only see shoulders and a belt buckle on the drac form.

One form must sacrifice to make the other look good


Might get annoying if they have to pay double the transmog charge when getting new gear. :robot::thought_balloon:


Are we submitting Dracthyr requests?

Mine is to allow them to have more classes. Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Rogue (lol), Warlock, Monk, Shaman.


I’m not certain anything could make either look good.

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Or blizzard could just not be lazy and fit armor onto Dracthyr properly


i feel like evokers just need a new dragon form that doesn’t look terrible.

I just want a toggle at the barber that lets me choose whether or not i want transmogs to carry over to the dragon from. I’ve been creative about making mogs without shoulders, belts, or tabards, but i would like to not have to worry about it.


Don’t much care about the mogging as much as I care about flying with my own wings.


let them look like WoW dragons, stylistically, instead of furaffinity rejects


As a race that was central to their own expansion, I’d advise not to hold on to too much hope that Blizzard will do anything with the Dracthyr once DF is over.

Because of the way they are set up, just doing this doesn’t work. It would basically mean you couldn’t use the barbershop armour, since any mail pieces override those slots and show though. It’s not as simple as just hiding the armour either, because you can’t hide pants. And even if you could, it would mean you would have to have a completely naked Visage in order to just use the barbershop armour.

They really need to just separate the forms for transmog. :frowning:

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Silly dracthyr. 11.0 isn’t when you get stuff. Its when monk shuffles over and you take a seat on the bench with the others.

They could easily take the barber shop armor and make them actual armor pieces. Solve the entire problem

If it were that easy I’m fairly confident that they would have already done it. I’ll go out on a limb and say that lazy wasn’t the determining factor.

Just make dracthyr like DH where ur a dragon in dragonrage.
Oh also give them a 40 yard range pls

The Dracthyr have been such a bust cosmetically. This would be an improvement. It’s baffling that they made it to production as is. If they couldn’t do transmog they should have just gave you the barber shop in dragon form and transmog in visage

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No, it was money.

I think the barbershop stuff is purposefully built around the Dracthyr model. They would have to redo a few of those things. Even then, we still have the problem of not being able to hide pants. Sure they could turn that on, but they seem to have been reluctant to do so.

Not only that, but while I like wearing nothing but the waist cloth and jewelry on my dragon, I certainly don’t want that for my Visage form. I prefer a robe for that.

That is a legitimately awful suggestion. Not all the specs get Dragonrage, for one, but even if you found an equivalent it’s still awful. Some of us play Dracthyr specifically for the Dracthyr form and not Visage. :frowning:

Longer range I agree with, though.

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Delete them plz

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