10.2 rogue expectations

Maybe we can finally get Deathmark and poisons dispel protection ?

I really wish to enjoy the assa spec in Dragonflight atleast once.

And no more 4set bugs…


I expect them to consolidate ST and AoE talents so Assassination isn’t forced to choose one or the other.

It sure would be nice if Assassination got the Sub talent that applies Rupture on two targets. Double-application of Garotte would also be a godsend.


I would be so happy!

I’m expecting something to be done about slice and dice and roll the bones.


I had a great wishlist comment in the PTR forums before. Wish I copied it before that was taken down.

  • Remove Slice and Dice. No more maintenance buffs.
    • If Roll the Bones is staying, it needs to be more impactful to how you play the rotation and not just another maintenance buff. Something you actually react to, like a certain ability being stronger for a short time or a limited number of casts.
  • Indiscriminate Carnage needs to either be a way shorter cooldown, or no cooldown. Garrote lasts 18 seconds, Rupture lasts 24/28. A 45 second cooldown doesn’t fit here because you can’t keep dots on everything. The longest the cooldown should be is 18s, but really considering how out of the way this talent is, it should just ALWAYS be active. I would also accept having a choice node between Indiscriminate Carnage with a 18-20s CD vs a passive talent to always apply Garrote and Rupture to 3 targets with every cast.
    • Compare directly to Shadow Crash, which:
      • generates Insanity for free in all situations
      • automatically applies both dots to 8 targets in a typical build (same number as IC)
      • has a cooldown effectively equal to the duration of the dots it applies
      • is basically completely free because it’s so early in the tree
  • Cold Blood changed so it DOES apply to every Rupture applied through Indiscriminate Carnage, or changed to a short duration buff on the player instead of just the next ability cast. Too much damage for Sin gets left out because this talent has too many rules for why it doesn’t work specifically with tricks Sin has.
  • I also still don’t really understand how you have Feral applying Rip with Primal Wrath and cleaving Ferocious Bites onto targets affected by Rip, but Crimson Tempest is still just applying its own dot and not interacting with any other part of the kit. I guess if Indiscriminate Carnage gets fixed, it doesn’t matter too much, but why not just make Crimson Tempest apply Rupture to everything with a shorter duration like Primal Wrath?
  • Change Poison Bomb to a stacking effect on each target you apply Deadly Poison to, much like Idol of N’zoth/Collapsing Void, where applying Deadly (or any Lethal) Poison to the same target 5 times triggers a Poison Bomb, which deals its damage and applies a stack to all other nearby enemies, then reset that target’s stack. Envenom increasing poison application chance plays directly into this, but it isn’t just pure RNG anymore. Not sure if this is a problem for PVP but I doubt the talent matters much there.
  • Along with the above change, some talents and abilities could be changed to play more with Poison Application. Like change Deathmark to something more like “Your (Lethal) poison application chance is increased by your critical strike percent plus your mastery percent for 20 seconds, and the poison application chance of Envenom is doubled during this time. The total poison application chance can exceed 100% for a chance to apply multiple times per strike. Every time you apply a Lethal poison to a bleeding target, they instantly take damage again from each bleed they are afflicted with.” This changes Deathmark from almost purely single target to something that works in ALL situations and is still very thematic to the spec.
    • Having a bunch of bleeding targets around that you’re spamming Fan of Knives into could create a whole bunch of extra little chunks of poison and bleed damage. Or even on a single target, every little stab and Mutilate could be triggering double or triple poisons and blasting extra chunks of bleed damage at the same time. And with the previous change, all the extra poison applications could be causing Poison Bombs to be triggering on all of them.
  • Honestly, bring back Echoing Blades. Thrown Precision just ain’t it.
  • Swap some of the AOE talents on the left side to be on the right side leading up to Indiscriminate Carnage.
  • Just drop Exsanguinate already if you have no idea how to balance it without making it either absolutely broken or completely dead in the water.
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Indiscriminate Carnage, with the current design, cannot be saved. All this talk of smart targetting, making it active but with a shorter CD just isn’t going to fix what is fundamentally a bad design.

Just make is so Crimson Tempest does some upfront damage and a bleed, enough to justify it even in ST, or at least to not be a DPS loss, and the talent called Indiscriminate Carnage to say:
Crimson Tempest spreads the Garrote and Rupture from your current target to 5/8 enemies in 10 yards, at 25%-50% their duration (subject to tuning).

Further, bring a talent in that says “Applying a bleed effect to your target extends the duration of current bleed effects on the target by 2 seconds. Applies to Garrote, Rupture and Crimson Tempest”.

DTB does not need a nerf. Arterial Precision needs to just AOE increase nature damage taken, and not bleeds. Instead, give us a Poison that increases bleed damage taken by the target.

Exsanguinate energy drain needs to be capped.

Thistle Tea can be moved up the tree with the mastery component removed
In place of it, bring on a talent that makes SND passive and makes it restore 2 energy/sec, or 1 energy per melee hit, whatever.

Shadow Dance has no place in the rogue general tree. Put Death From Above in it’s place, finisher which does the same as Envenom/Dispatch/Eviscerate and replaces them, but with a bit more damage and a travel component.

Sudden Demise should be 100% of mob remaining health, 200% in pvp only. If it is to be an Assa execute, at least make it an efficient one, not a crutch that still wastes damage.

Alacrity gating Deeper Stratagem / MFD is horrible, always was.
ER really needs to go. At this point, just put Sepsis in it’s place, it’s already in all the spec trees.

swap atrophic/numbing with cheat death/elusiveness