10/10 Heroic looking for home(Horde)

Hello, im currently 10/10 Heroic castle and im looking for a new raiding home for the future raids coming out. im looking for a raid schedule from Tuesday-Thursday between 7:30pm and 11pm EST. Atm i have a 210 ele shammy (i can try and go enhance if needed), a 212 boomy (would try feral) and a 197 rogue. i wanna be apart of a chill and fun environment to push at least heroic. im not worried about mythic unless the guild goes for it. im a laid back guy that takes bosses serious and does the research to learn the boss and whatever spec im playing… if you think id fit your guild give me a message on real id… Brum10465#1180

Hey Brum, long time no see. We’re still raiding Tues. and Thurs. from 8:30 to 11:00 PM Eastern time on Bleeding Hollow. 9/10 Heroic atm, have room for you if you’re interested. :slight_smile:


Hey Droodn! I sent you a btag request, i’d love to chat with you! You can also add me on discord, Letholas#9581!

You should like precisely what my team is looking for mate! I’ll send over an invite later to chat

Hi Droodn! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Let’s chat you sound like a great fit for our group.

Mal’Ganis Triumphant is currently 9/10H
and newly formed raiding/mythic+ guild, AOTC leadership looking for laid back and focused raiders to flush out the rest of our raid team. LF Mage, Warrior, and a few dedicated healers. Accepting Socials and anyone looking to have fun.

Raid time= 7pm-10pm EST Tues/Thurs

Any class that is not listed and wish to join feel free to pm as skills is Very important!

feel free to post here or Btag Daylightfall#1562 for further details
Daylightfall#5945 discord is preferable

Hi there im an officer with Scapegoats we are 10/10H 2/10M filling out our progression roster and prepping for 9.1. Raid times are Tues/Thurs from 8:30 -11:30pm EST.

We’ve put a pause on any mythic prog as many people are on break from raid until 9.1 comes out but we still plan to have raid nights where we do heroic whether its with alts or mains. Also on the raid nights we might break off into m+ groups or do transmog runs or even RBGs.

If you are interested i can be contacted via discord or in game!

Bnet - Counterbob#11400
discord - Counterbob#5716

Hi Droodn!

Arm of Hades currently has a core raid slot open for a ranged DPS, either of Boomy/Ele. We do enjoy killing some Mythic bosses once we’ve cleared AotC!

First off, some basics:

  • 14+ year guild with a stable adult environment. We’re not going anywhere, nor have we ever taken an extended break
  • We raid Tues/Thurs, 8:00-11:00 EST. Current progression is 4/10M and looking forward to more before 9.1!
  • Our goal is to push as far as we can in Mythic on a 6hr/week schedule. We want people who strive for CE with their performance, but aren’t going to rage quit if we come up short. Enjoying a positive, fun raiding atmosphere is key, and we’re never going to sacrifice that.
  • We believe strongly in community, hosting monthly game nights, Sunday alt runs, and even 10 in-person reunions, where 15-25 guildies get together for a week of hiking, beer, and boardgames :slight_smile:

So that’s a bit about us! If you’d like to chat more, please add me on Discord: Shtanky#4568

Best wishes in your search, and looking forward to chatting more!

hi you could be a great fit for our guild feel free to add me
Chewtabacca: Btag – Chewtabacca#11193; Discord - Pookiejones#1829

you can also check out our recruitment thread as well