10.1 massive PvP changes

Good changes all around. Maybe people will play healers again.


Orc stocks. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Not again, not so soon


Massive buff to healers and overall enjoyment. Could be amazing.

Hope they get the balance right though and it doesnt make the game too much about just who does more damage.

Also, no one can say blizz arent trying this xpac or dont care about pvp…constant huge changes.


Hope they nerf ret paladin burst. I don’t like being hit for 585k in 4s.


O_O common fistweaver W


10 second cooldown on stomp. Now to slaughter all the bad melee monks as they come into my clutches for death :smiling_imp:

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Removing damnation from spriest lmao… yeah, but not removing all the micro CC. More meleecraft inc.

  • Shadowy Insight no longer passively grants an additional charge of Mind Blast.
  • Shadowy Insight no longer temporarily increases the maximum charges of Mind Blast when it triggers.
    Mind Sear, Dark Void, Coalescing Shadows, Puppet Master, Harnessed Shadows, Pain of Death, Surge of Darkness, and Damnation have been removed.
  • Void Torrent generates 24 Insanity over its duration (was 60).
  • Shadow Crash generates 6 Insanity (was 15).
  • Shadow Crash no longer applies Vampiric Touch.

I can see that this company has no clue what they’re doing and I think since my 2 months are up soon there’s no point to keep playing lmao.


They’re nerfing all cc/interrupts. Game unplayable if casters don’t lose some of what they received to compensate for all the cc/interrupts.


You’ll be able to add precognition to your gear instead of taking up a PvP slot. I assume all casters will pick this up by default.

Seems like a fair trade tbh, if anything that may need to be nerfed.


rogue blind into sap and hunter stun into trap is a good change, the rest seem over kill


Not interested to be quite honest. They’ve made it clear by looking at the notes they have no clue what they’re doing.


Potentially. I’ve only skimmed over them. :dracthyr_tea:

“Precognition (PvP Talent) has been removed. Precognition can now be crafted onto gear via Optional Reagent and counts as an Embellishment.” means more cost and more ‘crafted’ not bought from vendor item stuff too. Precog only works if they kick and don’t use micro CC, knocks, grips, to stop casts. Maybe if you get stunned or otherwise CC"d when not casting, you get precog when you come out. Interrupts need LONGER cds not reduced time if you DO get kicked.

I see NO dmg reduction for all the broken DPS specs in PvP atm. Psychic horror even got nerfed lmao. So now you have less time to even get any casts up and now no damnation to put dots up.

Void origins removed, no instant cast void form.

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Reduced crit across the board is going to drastically help slow down the insane burst meta. Couple that with all these kick/CC changes and people will actually be able to play the game again, healers especially.

It seems like “oh no! Nothing will die!” but what is actually happening is using kicks and CC properly is going to be crucial to securing wins. It’s going to much less effective to just toss out CC willy-nilly rather then coordinate them at the appropriate times.


yeah this is just to encourage healers to play more, reduction in kick duration and cc’s is really great for healers.

not sure how i feel about it for the rest of the world. 5 second blind on a 2 min cooldown is a joke and i dont even play rogue lol


Best thing I read in the notes. Being able to use an ability to take me out of combat then turn it into a 500 year CC chain was insanely stupid.

We’ll see how the changes pan out, considering I don’t know if with the CC reduction bonus being gone if these changes will make a ton of difference, but it looks like they’re at least trying to deal with problem areas.


Seeing no Monk abilities in the CC reduction area makes me wonder if they plan on keeping Paralyze and Leg Sweep unnerfed or if they forgot Monks exist again.


Wow. Lots to unpack in these changes. Seeing some pretty big boomie buffs, and also ring of peace and song of chiji being on the same talent node feels like a pretty sad change for MW.

As a healer, the kick duration decrease and overall cc decrease is very interesting.

Also, precog being added as a gear embellishment now - feels like that will be a mandatory baseline item for any caster.


Thanks for ruining pvp. You just lost a sub and probably millions of others.